The Item Record will receive a new layout in Q1 2023 to provide Users the option to create Items within Smart Ops. The New Smart Ops Purchased Item Record will open in a sidesheet rather than a new window. 

The Purchased Item Record information is sorted amongst the following new tabs:

  • Transactions
  • Vendor Items
  • Recipes
  • Templates
  • Item Cost 
  • Settings

New Layout

Legacy Layout


The Item Transactions over Time graph is located in this tab, along with the Transactions List. In the new layout, Users can customize the Transactions shown by setting Location and Date parameters. 

New Transactions Tab

Legacy Transactions Tab

Vendor Items

The Vendor Items tab was updated for Smart Ops. 

New Vendor Items Tab

Legacy Vendor Items Tab


The Recipes Tab was updated for Smart Ops.

New Recipes Tab

Legacy Recipes On Tab

Templates Tab

The Templates Tab is a new tab that allows Users to see what Templates or Shopping Lists that the Item is on. From this tab, Users can see whether the Item is on the following:

New Templates Tab

Item Cost

The Item Cost tab is the default tab when the Smart Ops Purchased Item Record is open. Cost Summaries and Location Costing are located in this tab.

New Item Cost Tab

Legacy Location Costing

Settings Tab

The following fields previously in the 'General' and 'Inventory Costs' Tab are now editable in the new Settings Tab:

  • Name
  • Measure Type
  • Reporting UofM
  • Descriptions
  • Item Categories
  • Cost Update Method
  • Inventory UofMs
  • Accounts (Cost, Inventory, Waste)

New Settings Tab

Legacy General Tab 

Legacy Inventory Cost Tab

Measurement Conversions

Measurement Conversions or Equivalencies are now completed in the Unit of Measure section of the Settings Tab when the Measurement Conversions toggle is on.

New Measurement Conversions Section

Legacy UofM Equivalence Tab

Location Settings

Location Specific Settings are now located as a section in the Settings Tab of the Smart Ops Purchased Item Record.

New Location Settings 

Legacy Location Settings

Sales and Catering

Users can now make Items a Sales Item or Catering Item by toggling on the Sales or Catering sections within the Settings tab. 

New Sales Section

Legacy Sales Tab

New Catering Section

Legacy Catering Tab