Review the most recent changes in R365!  

Create Time Off on Behalf of Employees

Manger Tools now includes the option to create Time Off Requests on behalf of Employees. Managers can submit Time Off Requests for Employees that may not have smart phone access. 

Bulk Delete Unassigned Shifts

Users can bulk delete Unpublished, Unassigned Shifts that are no longer needed. Select all Unpublished, Unassigned Shifts using the ‘Select unpublished’ button or hold the SHIFT key to make manual selections for bulk delete.


Labor Rules - Reporting Time Pay

Reporting Time Pay Rules can be accessed on a new tab for the Smart Ops Labor Admin Page. 

Reporting Time Pay Rules will compare an Employee’s actual hours to their scheduled hours. If the Employee’s actual hours do not meet the threshold of minimum hours or percentage of scheduled hours set in the Rule, Reporting Time Pay earnings will be added.

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