Print & Ship is an add-on feature for R365 Payroll that facilitates the printing of physical Paychecks and/or Paystubs in bulk. The printed Paychecks and/or Paystubs are then shipped to the associated Location for distribution to Employees. 

  • Contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn how Print & Ship can enhance your R365 experience!

This article covers the following topics:

Once Print & Ship has been enabled, the 'Default Payroll Bank Account' will need to be configured for Print & Ship. This is the account that will be used on printed checks.

Physical checks will be shipped to either the Legal Entity(ies) or Location(s) associated with the Paycheck Run. 

A 'Shipping Preference' will also need to be defined to determine the shipping carrier and speed used when shipping the physical checks. The shipping fees associated with shipping Paychecks are determined by this preference. 

Both of these settings are found on the Legal Entity Record

The 'Default Payroll Bank Account' can only be connected with Print & Ship by R365 Support. When Print & Ship is first enabled R365 Support or your Payroll Coach will assist in the initial setup. If the Print & Ship Account has already been configured and needs to be changed, please contact R365 Support

The 'Default Payroll Check Account' is found in the 'Intercompany' section Legal Entity Record

Shipping Location & Shipping Preferences

The 'Send Checks To' and 'Shipping Preference' settings for Print & Ship can be changed at any time. Paycheck Runs will use the 'Send Checks To' and 'Shipping Preference' that is saved for the Legal Entity at the time the Paycheck Run is submitted. 

Follow these steps to change the 'Send Checks To' and 'Shipping Preference' settings:

  1. Navigate to the desired Legal Entity Record

  2. Navigate to the 'Payroll Checks Print and Ship' category

  3. Select where the checks should be sent to, either Location or Legal Entity

  4. Select the desired shipping method from the 'Shipping Preference' drop-down menu 
  5. Save the Legal Entity Record

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Shipping Options

The speed and fees associated with shipping checks are set by the shipping carrier selected as the 'Shipping Preference'. 

This table lists the available shipping options and provides links to the shipping carrier's website to learn more

Shipping OptionShipping Carrier Website
USPS PriorityUSPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority SIG USPS Signature Confirmation

USPS Priority Mail Extra Services

USPS OvernightUSPS Priority Mail Express

FedEx 2 DayFedEx 2-Day Shipping

FedEx OvernightFedEx Overnight Shipping

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Submitting Paycheck Runs

For Legal Entitles where Print & Ship has been configured, an additional option will be available for printing Paycheck Runs.

When viewing the Paycheck Run Details sidesheet for a Paycheck Run with a status of 'Created', a 'Submit Checks' button will be available in the header. 

The date listed in the header of the Paycheck Run is the date printed on all Paychecks. It is recommended to confirm that the date is correct before submitting the Paycheck Run for printing. 

  • Note:Only users with the following permission will be able to edit the pay date. 
    • Payroll   Paycheck Runs   Edit Payment Date

Clicking the 'Submit Checks' button will change the status of the Paycheck Run to 'Released' and submit the included Paychecks for printing. 

  • Note: Paychecks and Paystubs can still be manually printed. Only Paycheck Runs submitted for printing offsite will have printing and shipping fees associated with them.

If Paycheck Runs are grouped by Legal Entity, all Paychecks within a Paycheck Run will be bundled and shipped to the associated Legal Entity.

If Paycheck Runs are grouped by Location, Paychecks within a Paycheck Run will be bundled by Location and shipped directly to each Location. 

Once submitted, the status of the Paycheck Run will be changed to 'Released'. After Paychecks have been printed and shipped, the status of the Paycheck Run will be changed to 'Paid'.

Expedited Printing

The submission deadline for checks to be shipped the next day is 9:00 am MST. When a Paycheck Run is submitted for printing between 9:00 am and 11:00 am MST, an option to request expedited printing will be displayed.

Selecting 'Expedited Request' will request expedited processing and authorize the associated expedited printing fee.

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