Autopilot is an add-on feature to R365 Hire's Recruiting module that facilitates communication between Users and Applicants when arranging interviews. This feature helps to speed up the hiring process by scheduling interviews with Applicants quickly. 

Autopilot generates automatic messages via text and email to Applicants to schedule a time and date for interviews. Once the User's calendar is connected, Autopilot will:

  • Send messages via text and email to arrange interviews
    • Note: Applicants must opt-in to receive text messages
    • Note: All Autopilot content messages are pre-generated and cannot be customized at this time
  • Schedule interviews with Applicants based on the User's availability
  • Select an interviewer to conduct the interview

Contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn how Autopilot can enhance your R365 experience!

This article covers the following topics:

Enabling Autopilot from a Hiring Process

To enable Autopilot in a Hiring Process, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the page

  2. Locate 'Hiring Process' from the left navigation menu of the 'Hiring Tools' tab

  3. Locate the Hiring Process that needs Autopilot enabled and select 'Use Autopilot'
    • Note: A Hiring Process that is already using Autopilot will have '(Autopilot)' listed in the name

  4. Select the steps of the interview that will use Autopilot  by checking the appropriate boxes. Then, click 'Continue'
    • Note: Only the hiring steps that are compatible with Autopilot will appear with a checkbox

      Note: If it's the first time that your organization has used Autopilot, the User will first be prompted with an informative message titled 'Get Started with Autopilot'

  5. After selecting the steps of the Hiring Process, Users will be prompted to select the jobs that need updating. Select the jobs that need to be updated to use the Autopilot automation. Then, click 'Continue.'
    • Note: Updating the jobs will move applicants to the corresponding step in the new hiring process.

  6. The Autopilot Setup Assistant is now finished, and the Setup Assistant can be closed.
    • Note: If a Calendar is connected, Users will have the option to 'Go to Applicants.' If a calendar is not yet connected, Users will have the option to 'Connect Your Calendar' from this page

Autopilot Set Up Notice

Uses may see the SET UP AUTOPILOT Notice in the top ribbon of R365 Hire.

When this appears, Users can click the notice to begin the Autopilot Set Up. When this is clicked, the User will be navigated to the list of Hiring Processes, to begin the Autopilot Setup.


Connecting a Calendar

In order for the system to recognize available dates/days and times to auto-schedule interviews, Users must connect a Calendar. To read more about connecting a Calendar to R365 Hire, click here.