The AP Transactions Grid allows Users to see a list of all Transactions recorded in the system. It is a compiled list of all AP Transactions including AP Invoices, AP Credit Memos, and AP Payments. 


Users can customize their view of the grid by rearranging the column order and showing/hiding certain columns. To find specific transactions, Users can filter for specific information.  Once a view is customized, Users can save the view. This allows Users to quickly view the information that they deem to be most valuable for their organization. 


To open the AP Transactions Grid, locate 'AP Transactions' from the 'Accounts Payable' section of the 'Accounting' Module.

AP Transactions Grid Columns

Users can select the information that they wish to see in their grid view by clicking the 'Show/Hide Columns' Dropdown Menu. Those that are checked will appear as a column on the gird. Those that are unchecked will be hidden from view. 

Users can select from a variety of columns. Although the AP Transactions Grid is fully customizable for all Users, the following are column options that many Users may find useful when looking at AP Transactions:

  • Approval Status- The status of the Transaction. User might see either of the following:
    • Unapproved
    • Approved
  • Location - The default Location for the transaction
    • Note: The transaction details may list different Locations.
  • Missing Items - Indicates whether this transaction is missing any information
  • Transaction Type - The type of transaction. Users might see any of the following:
    • AP Payment,
    • AP Invoice
    • AP Credit Memo
  • Operations Status- The Operations Status of the transaction. Users might see either of the following:
    • In Progress
    • Completed 
  • Number - The identifying number of the transaction
  • Date - The document date of the transaction 
  • Posting Date -  The date the transaction was posted to the GL
  • Vendor - The Vendor associated with the transaction
  • Priority - The priority status (if any) marked by a User
  • Amount - The total amount of the Transaction
  • Amount Remaining - The remaining balance of the Transaction
  • Checking Account - The bank account tied to the transaction
  • Comments - Any comments that were left on the transaction

The AP Transactions Grid has up to 52 columns available to choose from. Users can choose to Show/Hide any number of the available columns.

Note: When R365 Payments Enabled, Users will see the following:

  • R365 Transaction ID
  • R365 Payment Status
  • Batch Code
  • R365 Payment Method

Rearranging Column Order 

The AP Transactions Grid can be rearranged so that Users can see information in the order that they want to see it in.  To rearrange the order of the Columns, click the Column header and drag the column to the desired position.

Changing and Saving List Views

Users can edit and save List Views. To learn more about working with List Views, click here.