The Tip Makeup tab displays Rule Groups for Tip Makeup Rules. Here, Users can create, view, and edit these Rule Groups. 

Tip Makeup Rules calculate the difference between the minimum wage set on the Rule and the pay from hours worked in tipped jobs at a single Legal Entity by the Employee for that workweek. If a Tip Makeup earning is owed, this earning is placed on the last day of the week.

  • Note: The Tip Designation for each Job is set on the Job Record
  • Note: Tip Makeup for a workweek is calculated each time punches are imported from the POS, each time punch edits are made, and each time tips are imported. 

Any Tip Makeup earnings will be included in labor dollar and labor percentage amounts for Labor Trends, OT Performance, and the Schedule vs Actual report. Tip Makeup earnings can be viewed on the Daily Sales Summary when reviewing Labor

Rule Group List

1) Search - Enter two or more characters to search the 'Group', 'Applied Locations', or 'Edit By' columns for the entered text


2) Table Views - This enables the User to create and edit saved views of this list. Click this icon, then either 'Save Current View' to save the new view or 'Edit Table Views' to edit the selected view. All saved views are listed above these two action buttons

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3) Filter - Click to filter any of the available columns 

  • To add a new filter - Click '+Add Filter' to add a new filter and enter the filter parameters. 
  • To remove a filter - Click the trashcan icon associated with the filter, or click 'Clear All' to clear all filters.  
  • To apply filters - Click 'Apply' to apply the filters to the Rule Group List.


4) Columns - This lists all of the columns available to display. Check or uncheck a column name to include or exclude it from the list. Columns can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping the desired column's rearrange icon

  • Group - Name of the Rule Group
  • Applied Locations - Locations applied to the Rule Group. If more than one Location is applied, click to open a drop-down list of these Locations.
  • Edited Date - Last date Rule Group was edited
  • Edited By - User who last edited the Rule Group

5) Export - This will download the listed information into a .csv file

6) Refresh - This will refresh the listing


7) Rule Group - Click to open the Rule Group sidesheet

Rule Group Header

1) Action Buttons - The header contains the following action buttons:

  • - Click to save and apply changes to an existing Rule Group

  •  - Click to delete the Rule Group


3) Fullscreen Button - This will expand the sidesheet to fullscreen. When in fullscreen, this icon will be replaced by a minimize icon; click to return to the original size. 


4) Close - This will close out the sidesheet without saving


5) Name - Name for the Rule Group

Rule Group Settings

The only configurable field in the Tip Makeup settings is 'Minimum Wage'. Employees whose weekly wages fall below this hourly rate (after tips) will have a Tip Makeup earning added. 

Applying Locations

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All Locations that utilize this Rule Group will need to be selected from the 'Search Locations' list and added to the 'Applied Locations' list. 

  • Important Note: Locations can only be applied to one Rule Group. Locations that have been applied to another Rule Group will not be listed in either the 'Search Locations' or 'Applied Locations' lists.



Adding Locations


Locations can be added to the 'Applied Locations' list in the following ways:


  • Drag and Drop

  • Add All - Click the '+ Add All' button to add all available Locations

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  • Select and Add - Select all desired Locations, then click the '+ Add Selected' button

  • Individually Add - Add individual Locations by clicking the plus sign next to the desired Location



Remove Locations


Locations can be removed from the 'Applied Locations' list in the following ways:

  • Drag and Drop

  • Remove All - Click the '- Remove All' button to remove all Locations from the 'Applied Locations' list

  • Select and Remove Select all desired Locations, then click the '- Remove Selected' button 

  • Individually Remove - Remove individual Locations by clicking the 'X' icon next to the desired Location

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Creating New Rule Groups


To create a new Rule Group, select 'Tip Makeup Rule' from the '+ Create' button on the Admin page. 



This will open a blank Rule Group sidesheet:


The following fields must be completed before the Rule Group can be created:

  • Name
  • Minimum Wage
  • At least one Location applied


When the desired configurations are complete, click to create the Rule Group.  

  • Note: If the 'Create Another' checkbox is checked, a new blank Rule Group sidesheet will open after creating the current Rule Group.