This article is part of R365 Messaging and the R365 Red App

R365 Red App Users can create group chats to group message other Users about schedule updates, shift trades, and more without disclosing any personal phone numbers. Users can create group chat threads by manually selecting multiple recipients.


Messaging can be opened by clicking the speech bubble icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Starting a Group Message in the R365 Red App

To start a Group Chat, follow these steps:

  1. From the Messaging Queue, tap the Start New Message Icon in the top right corner of the screen

  2. From the 'New Message' screen, tap 'Create a New Group' from the top of the list

  3. On the 'New Group' screen, enter a name for the Group Chat.  Add recipients by tapping 'Add Recipients'

  4. From the 'Add Recipients' pop-out, select the appropriate recipients. Users can search for Recipients using the search bar or by scrolling through the Recipient list. Once the necessary Recipients are selected, tap 'Done'

  5. Once all the necessary Recipients have been added to the group, tap 'Create'

    • Note: If a User is mistakenly added, tap the remove iconto remove the User from the group before tapping 'Done'

  6. The User can now type out and send a message to the group

Once the group chat has been created, the group chat can be edited from the Group Chat Information screen.

Group Chat Information Screen

To open the Group Chat Information screen, tap the name of the Chat at the top of the open message thread. 

This screen shares all the information about the group including the name of the chat, the number of recipients, and the list of Users in the group.  It also gives Users the options to manage the group by editing, muting, archiving, or reporting the thread.

Tap 'Edit' in the top right hand corner of the screen to open more Group Message edit options.

1) Group Chat Name- The name given to the Group Message thread

  • Note: The Group Name can be changed by tapping 'Edit' and typing in a new name

2) Participant List - The number of Participants and the list of Users included in the Group Chat

  • Note: To Remove a Recipient from the Group, tap the remove icon

3) Add More - This option appears after tapping 'Edit' and can be used to add more Users to the group chat

4) Mute - Tap to toggle the Group Chat notifications on or off. When 'Mute Group' is on, the User will not receive notifications from this Group Chat

5) Archive Group - Tap to move the Group Chat out of the Messages List and to the Archive List

  • Note: Users will still receive messages to a group chat thread that is archived, but the thread will move to the Archived List

6) Report - Tap to Report inappropriate messages in the Group Message thread to the Restaurant Manager 

7) Leave Group - Tap to leave the Group. This will remove access to the Group Chat

Reporting Group Chats

If a User receives a message that they deem inappropriate, the User can report the message directly from the R365 Red App to their Restaurant Manager(s).

  • Note: It is important to try to report messages when they occur, as the system will include the most recent messages shared amongst the group when a report is made. However, if a complaint still needs to be made after the fact, report the message, then speak with a Manager about the specifics of the complaint.

To report a message, click the 'Report' iconin the right hand corner of the screen, above the message thread. A prompt will appear confirming that the User wants to report the message thread as inappropriate or harassment. Click 'Report' to confirm and send the reported message to the Manager Portal.

After reporting a User, no additional tasks or follow-ups will be made through the R365 Red App. Rather, discuss any outstanding grievances with your Manager.

Archiving Group Chats

When a specific Group Chat is outdated or no longer useful, Users can archive a chat thread. The User who archives the chat will continue to receive messages to the archived chat, but they will no longer see the chat listed on the Messages list. The chat will only be visible on the archived list. 

Group Message threads can be archived by swiping left on the thread in the Messages List and tapping 'Archive' or by tapping 'Archive' from the Group Information screen.

To read more about Archiving Messages, click here