This article is part of barcode scanning and covers scanning in items into inventory when conducting inventory counts. 

Barcode scanning links barcodes to purchased items in R365. When conducting inventory counts, users can save time by using the camera on their mobile device or an external Bluetooth scanner to scan item barcodes into inventory. When a barcode that is mapped to a purchased/recipe item is scanned, users will be prompted to enter a count for the Item in Inventory. This feature also allows users to map new barcodes to previously unmapped Items. 

This article covers the following:

Users can Manager Barcodes via web. From the web version of R365, users can do the following:

Barcode Scanning is an add-on feature. Contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn how Barcode Scanning can enhance your R365 Experience!


Important Note

Barcode Scanning is a feature used to count Items in Inventory Counts, therefore, when enabled, users with access to i

inventory counts will have access to Barcode Scanning. 

Users must have the following permissions to add items to storage locations:
  • Food → Inventory Counts   Edit Inventory Counts
  • Food   Inventory Count Template   Edit Inventory Count Template
  • Food   Purchased Items   Edit Purchased Item

Users must have the following permissions to link the barcode to an item:
  • Food   Purchased Items   Edit Purchased Item

The permissions listed below are associated with inventory counts and items. These permissions can be added to custom user roles or single users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here.

Inventory Count and Item permissions related to Barcodes are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • Food
    • Inventory Counts
      • View Inventory Counts
      • Edit Inventory Counts 
      • Create Inventory Counts 
    • Inventory Count Templates
      • View Inventory Count Templates 
      • Edit Inventory Count Templates 
    • Purchased Items
      • View Purchased Items
      • Edit Purchased Items


The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned.

Barcode scanning for inventory counts can be accessed from the inventory counts screen. To navigate to the scanner, follow these steps:

First, navigate to the inventory counts screen by tapping Inventory Counts from the navigation menu.
Users will be directed to the In Progress tab of the inventory counts list. Tap an in-progress inventory count from the list or the +New Inventory Count button to open the inventory count's storage location(s) list screen.

From the storage locations list screen, tap a storage location.

Tapping a storage location from the list will open the inventory item list for that location. The scanner button will be located at the bottom of the open inventory list.

If there is already an external Bluetooth scanner connected, this button may be disabled. To read more about external Bluetooth scanners, click here.

Barcode Scanning Using a Mobile Device Camera

To scan Barcodes using the mobile device camera, follow these steps:

The Scanner button will appear at the bottom of the Inventory List screen for the selected storage location. Tap the Scanner button to begin.
If this is the first time using the barcode scanner, users will be prompted to allow the Restaurant365 to access the camera. Click OK to allow.

Once access is granted, the scanner will open. Aim the camera lens at a barcode to scan. Scan the barcode.

Once the camera reads the barcode, the item's inventory information screen will open. Here, users can enter a count quantity for the scanned item.

Note: If a count is not entered, users will be prompted to confirm that no count was entered. The following message will be shown:

Click Continue to move on to the next item. Click Cancel if this was done in error.

Once a count is entered, click the scannerbutton to open the scanner and continue the inventory count by scanning another item.

Offline Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning supports offline barcode recognition for inventory counts, which allows User to continue scanning Items into Inventory, even if the mobile device has disconnected from the internet.  This means that users can continue to conduct inventory counts in all areas of a restaurant, including those with little to no Internet connection.

For offline barcode scanning, an inventory count must first be opened when the device is connected to the Internet. 

Once the inventory count is open, all barcodes that are linked to an Item on the open inventory count can be scanned and counted into inventory. Items can continue to be scanned as the device goes offline.  

  • Note: When a new barcode or a barcode that is not linked to an Item in the open inventory count is scanned while offline, users will encounter an error and be prompted to reconnect to use the scanned barcode.

A new inventory count cannot be opened when offline. 

When a inventory is completed. the inventory count will update across mobile and web once the device reconnects to the Internet.

Item Not In Location 

When a barcode scanned is a linked purchased/recipe item that is not available in the selected storage location, users will need to cancel or add the scanned item to the the storage location to proceed. To read more about adding items to storage locations, click here

Barcode Not Found

When an unlinked barcode is scanned, users may encounter the 'Barcode not found' message. Users will need to cancel or link the barcode to an item to proceed. To read more about linking barcodes to items, click here

Barcode Scanning Logs and Transfers

Barcode scanning can also be used to scan items onto waste logs, donation logs, and item transfers. To learn more about barcode scanning logs and transfers, click here.

Barcode Scanning Using an External Scanner

Users can also scan barcodes using an external Bluetooth scanner. To learn more about using barcode scanning with an external scanner, click here.