The Item Location Record will receive a new layout in Q4 2022 to only track Units of Measure, Selling U of M, and Price Type by Location. 

Item Location Costs will no longer be tracked on the Item Location Record. Instead, they will be automatically tracked per Location on the Purchased Item Record. This will result in reducing the number of Item Location Records that need to be maintained. Moving forward, only Locations that have different Inventory U of Ms, Selling U of Ms, or Selling Price Types for the Purchased Item will require Item Location Records.  

Learn more about Item Costs here. Learn more about the changes to the Purchased Item Record here.  

Layout Changes

The following fields have been deprecated and can be found on other records:

Deprecated FieldAvailable on
Usage Per $1000Purchase Order Record
Theo On Hand
PO Buffer Days
Par QtyShopping Lists and Order Templates
Inv CostPurchased Item Record - Location Costing tab

The following field has been deprecated

  • Received from Commissary
    • Note: 'Received from Commissary' will be automatically tagged when the Item is assigned to a Commissary Order Guide.

The following fields have been added:

  • Count U of M 2
  • Count U of M 3

The following fields will only be displayed for Purchased Items that have been tagged as 'Available in AR Invoice'

  • Selling U of M
  • Price Type
  • Price (selling)

New Layout

New Layout Sale Item

Legacy Layout