This article covers the 'Notes' tab, which is part of Smart Ops Employee Records, as well as Workforce Employee Records

The 'Notes' tab consists of the 'Log Entries' section, which lists all Log Entries where the Employee was tagged. Employee Notes can be for a variety of reasons, such as 'No Show', 'Late for Shift', 'Exceptional Service', and more. Learn more about adding Employee Notes here

  • Note: When the New Manager Log is enabled and a Log Entry is created and tied to an Employee who is also a Manager, that Log Entry will be hidden from their view when reviewing this tab.

Log Entries Header

1) Search Bar - This will search Log Entries within the selected date range for the text entered

2) Date Range - Filters for Log Entries that were posted within the selected date range. Options include:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days (Default)
  • Last 30 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Custom Date

From the Log Entries header, Users can do the following:

  • Table Views - Save/edit Table Views
  • Filter - Filter Column information
  • Sort- Click to sort the table based on column and order. These sorts can be stacked by clicking '+ Add New Sort', then selecting the desired 'Sort By' option

  • Refresh - Refresh the table

Learn more about working with Smart Grids here.

Log Entry Tiles

Each Log Entry that the Employee has been tagged in will be displayed as a Log Entry Tile. Clicking on a Log Entry Tile will open the Log Entry for editing. Learn more about editing Log Entries here.

Log Entry Tiles contain the following information:

1) Category - Log Entry Category associated with the Log Entry

2) Priority - Priority for the Log Entry

  • General
  • Important
  • Must Read

3) Date - Date associated with the Log Entry

4) Creation Date - Date and time Log Entry was created

5) Description - Log Entry text

6) Tags - Tags for the Log Entry. If more than one tag is present, hover over the tags to view all tags 

7) Employees Tagged - Number of Employees tagged. Hover over to view all Employees tagged

8) Created By - User who created the Log Entry

9) Location - Location associated with the Log Entry

10) Comments - Number of comments

11) Attachments - Number of attachments