The Purchased Item Record will receive a new layout in Fourth Quarter 2022 to provide more efficient Item creation. The 'Item Locations' tab will be broken down into 'Location Setting' and 'Location Costing,' and some fields will be relocated to be better grouped with related fields.

Item Costs will now be automatically calculated per Location. 

Item Locations Tab Removed 

The 'Item Locations' tab has been deprecated. The Purchased Item Record now has two additional tabs: Location Setting and Location Costing.

New Purchased Item Record Layout

Legacy Purchased Item Record Layout

Location Settings

Users can configure Inventory UofMs from the Location Settings tab. The Location Settings tab features the list of Locations for the Items. Locations can be deleted or added.

Only Locations with different Inventory UofM need to be added. 

Note: Up to 3 different UofM can be configured per location. 

Location Costing

The Location Costing tab shows users a list of locations with the following information:

  • Cost (Reporting UofM)
  • Cost (Inventory UofM)
  • Inventory UofM
  • Received from Commissary status
    • Note: The Received from Commissary status will be system generated based on whether the item is on an active catalog or order guide

Item Costs will now be automatically calculated per Location.

Inventory Cost Tab Changes

The Inventory Cost field has been removed from the Inventory Cost tab.

New Inventory Cost Tab

Legacy Inventory Cost Tab

Graph Change

The Inventory Cost tab shows  a calculation of the minimum, average, and max costs for Reporting U of M. This is reflected in the graph below that shows the Transaction Cost over time. Clicking a point on the graph will take Users to the AP Invoice form. 

New Inventory Cost Graph 

Legacy Inventory Cost Graph