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September 29th, 2022

Scheduled Payments

Schedule Payments ahead of time! The Scheduled Payments feature allows Users to schedule a Payment Run in advance. 

Unless the Scheduled Payment is Cancelled or Rescheduled, Scheduled Payments will be sent to R365 Payments at 8am CST on the scheduled date.

The Scheduled Payments feature is only available for customers whose R365 Payments feature was enabled after February 2022.   

Manager Tools - Time Off Tab

The Time Off tab has been added on the Manager Tools page. This new tab allows Users to review historical Time Off Requests and view Request details, as well as approve, decline, or cancel Time Off Requests submitted by Employees.

Vendor Record - Option to Print Vendor Number on Check Remittances

An option has been added to the ‘Locations’ tab of the Vendor Record to ‘Print Vendor Account Number on remittance’. This will add the Location-specific Vendor Account Number on the remittance.

Mass DSS Update

The Mass DSS page has been updated! Deposits 3, 4, and 5 are editable fields. Users can edit fields from the Mass DSS page, click 'Save', then see the recalculated Over/Short amounts.  

Financial Dashboard - Sharing Saved Views Across Instances

Channel Partners that manage multiple URLs can now share Financial Dashboard Saved Views across all instances! This allows for a customized Financial Dashboard layout to be created in one instance and then shared with clients to use.

Financial Dashboard - Default Date Range

The Financial Dashboard Default Dashboard view now has a default date range of 'Yesterday'. Users will now be able to see the most recent data from the Default Dashboard view. 

Item Location Groups - Update

The nested group functionality for assigning Item Location Groups has been updated. Now, assigning a Parent Group to an Item will also assign all of its Child Groups to that Item.

Item Location Groups without Locations assigned can be deleted. 

Mobile Release August 2022

R365 Red App - Navigation Layout Change

The R365 Red App Navigation menu was changed to create more streamlined access to the R365 Red App functions. The new Mobile Navigation menu no longer features the Manager/Employee toggle and now only displays functions that reflect the User's permissions. These functions are listed in expandable menus. 

R365 Red App - Manager Schedule View 

Users with Scheduler permissions can now access a Manager View of the Schedule! Scheduling Managers can view the Restaurant Schedule and filter by Job Code and Location.

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