This article reviews how an administrator may connect Departments in R365 Hire to Departments in R365 Payroll.

Navigate to Departments by clicking 'Settings' in the top right of the navigation bar, then choosing 'My Organization,' and selecting 'Departments' from the options on the left.

1) Select the '+' to add a new Departments. For optimal organization, name each department so that the Location name is included in the Department name. If new locations are needed, see R365 Hire: Location Setup.

2) Select 'Edit' to configure an existing Department

Link R365 Hire and R365 Payroll Departments

From the 'Edit Departments' screen, enter the Department Number from R365 Payroll into the Payroll Company Code section. 

Important Note: The 'Payroll Company Code' entered in R365 Hire: Location Setup is different than the 'Payroll Company Code' entered here for R365 Hire: Department Setup.

Identifying the Department Number in R365 Payroll

From R365 Payroll, navigate to 'Admin' and select 'Departments.'

Identify the 'Number" from the leftmost column. This value will be entered as the 'Payroll Company Code' for R365 Hire Departments.