This article reviews the Policies page within Workforce. Here, Users can view and edit the active PTO Policy and Holiday Policy. 

The PTO Policy will determine how much paid time off is accrued by Employees and which Employees are eligible to accrue paid time off. 

The Holiday Policy is used to track days that salaried Employees are not expected to work. This optional list is only used for reporting purposes.


First, navigate to Workforce, then click 'Polices' in the left navigation menu. This will open the Policies page. 

Paid Time Off

The Paid Time Off Policy will determine how Employees accrue PTO. Only one PTO Policy can be active at a time.

Unlimited vs Flexible PTO

A Paid Time Off Policy can be configured as one of two types:

Unlimited PTO - This option allows Employees to take as much PTO as they want. PTO requests will still need to be submitted and approved. 

Flexible PTO - This option limits the number of PTO hours each Employee accrues. PTO accrual is calculated per hours worked, and a cap on maximum hours accrued can be set. 

Creating a PTO Policy

To create a new PTO Policy, click 'Create PTO Policy'. 

The 'Create PTO Policy' form will open. Learn more about creating a PTO Policy here.

Update or Change PTO Policy

The Policies page will display the 'Current' PTO Policy and up to one 'Future' PTO Policy. 

The 'Current' PTO Policy cannot be changed. To update the 'Current' PTO Policy, it must be replaced by creating a new PTO Policy. If the 'Effective date' of the new PTO Policy is in the future, both PTO Policies will be displayed. 

Once the 'Effective date' of a 'Future' PTO Policy is reached, it will become the 'Current' PTO Policy, and the old PTO Policy will no longer be displayed or used to calculate PTO Accruals.  

The 'Future' PTO Policy can be adjusted by clicking on it and making any needed changes.

Employee-Specific PTO Policies

The Accrual Rate and Maximum Balance can be adjusted per Employee. Employee-specific PTO Policy adjustments are made on the 'Time' tab of the Employee's Employee Record. 

Holiday Pay

The Holiday Pay Policy is a list of non-work days for salaried Employees. Creating a Holiday Pay Policy can help track these days for reporting purposes. 

Create a Holiday Pay Policy

To create a Holiday Pay Policy, click on 'Create Policy'. 

This will open the Holiday Pay Policy form. The Holiday Pay Policy form is automatically populated with all federal holidays. Additional days can be added.