This article is part of the R365 Payroll release. 

The Settings page is where currently-configured settings for R365 Payroll can be viewed. This page is view-only. To make changes to any of the settings on this page, please contact R365 Support. 


The Settings page can be accessed by clicking on 'Settings' in the navigation sidebar.

Bank Account

The bank account listed is the account that will be debited when submitting payments. Only one bank account can be on file at a time. 

Pay Cycle

Company Pay Cycle - Determines when Pay Cycle Payment Runs populate. Pay Cycle Payment Runs will populate on the first day of the next Pay Cycle.

Pay on Demand - When enabled, Employees will be able to choose the frequency with which they are paid. 

Employee Classification

Employee Classification shows the hour threshold at which Employees are classified as full time versus part time.