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TypeRelease DateTitleDescription
6/30/22AP Center: Overview & SecurityThe AP Center makes AP processing easier by gathering all of the AP processes into one place.

The AP Center consists of 4 tabs. Each tab contains information and actions for one step of the process:

  • Documents Queue
    Documents can be uploaded, reviewed, edited, deleted, and merged directly within the tab

  • Awaiting Approval
    Invoices can be reviewed and approved directly within the tab

  • Ready for Payment
    Invoices can be unapproved or grouped into Payment Runs directly within the tab

  • Payment Runs
    Payment Runs can be reviewed and approved directly in the tab. Payments can also be created directly in the tab.

New6/30/22AP Center: Documents Queue
New6/30/22AP Center: Awaiting Approval
New 6/30/22AP Center: Ready for Payment
New6/30/22AP Center: Payment Runs
Update6/30/22Financial Dashboard: Customize the DashboardHide $0 balance setting added. When toggled on, GL Accounts with $0 balances will be hidden on the Balance Sheet and P&L widgets.
Update6/30/22Forecasting: Monthly ForecastingForecast Import added.
Through a simple template, monthly Forecasts can be uploaded for one or more Locations.
Update6/30/22Inventory Counts: Review and Approve an Inventory CountItem Counts can now be edited on the Item Detail tab. The count adjustment window allows for adjusting Item Counts for all U of M and Storage Locations associated with the Item.
6/30/22Till Management: Overview & SecurityCustom dates can be selected when reviewing Till Counts. Dates where Till Counts have not been fully processed will be indicated with a red dot.

Release Date
New6/16/22Security & Permissions: Overview & SecuritySecurity and Permissions page has been added. This new page has tabs for User Roles, Report Roles, and password restrictions.

The User Roles tab can be used to view and assign Users to Security Roles.

The Report Roles tab has new UI for setting up Report Roles and assigning Users.

The Passwords tab has the same functionality as the legacy Passwords Policy page.

The legacy Report Roles & Password Policy pages have both been deprecated.
New6/16/22Security & Permissions: User Roles
New6/16/22Security & Permissions: Report Roles
New6/16/22Security & Permissions: Passwords
6/16/22Purchased Item Record: Layout Changes
Purchasing tab has been removed.

‘Default Purchase U of M’ has been replaced with ‘Reporting U of M’

'Reporting U of M' and ‘Key Item’ are now on the General tab

'Cost Update Method' is now on the Inventory Cost tab. This field is also required to save new Items.

Par Qty, Brand, and Yield Percent are deprecated and no longer available.

Update6/16/22Purchased Item Record
Adding a New Purchased Item
Update6/16/22Recipe Item Record
Update6/16/22Sale Item Record
Update6/16/22Logbook: Logbook Settings
Custom Categories can now be created for the Logbook.
New6/16/22Tip ManagementWhen enabled on the Location Record, Tip Import will be available on the Smart Ops DSS.

This feature allows Users to indicate if tips were already paid out in cash or if they should be paid on paychecks. Users can also distribute tips between tipped employees.
Requires that Punch Edits are also enabled.
Update6/16/22Daily Sales: Review Summary LaborTip Import step added
Update6/16/22Location RecordEnable Tip Import setting added to the Location Record when Punch Edits are enabled.
Update6/16/22Smart Ops: Job FormTip Designation field added to the Job Record when Tip Import is enabled for the Location associated with the Job.

The Tip Designation field determines which Jobs are available for Tip Import.
Update6/16/22Classic Job Record
Update6/16/22Inventory Counts: Create and Edit an Inventory TemplateA search bar has been added to the Storage Location section of the Inventory Template form. This search bar will filter for Items in all Storage Locations on the Inventory Template.
Update6/16/22New Purchase Orders: OverviewPurchase Orders can be deleted, submitted, or unsubmitted in bulk from the Orders page.

Purchase Order Templates can be deleted in bulk from the ‘Templates’ tab of the Orders page.
Update6/16/22New Purchase Orders: Create and Edit a Purchase Order TemplatePurchase Items can be added to Purchase Orders and Templates by entering the Vendor Number into the Vendor Item field.
Update6/16/22New Purchase Orders: Create and Edit a Purchase Order
Update6/16/22Paying Your VendorsBatch Code column added to the AP Transaction list to assist with troubleshooting of processed Payments.
Update6/16/22R365 Payments: Initial Setup
Vendors with all of the following fields already entered when R365 Payments is enabled will be automatically switched over to R365 Payments as their Payment Method:
  • Name
  • Payment Terms
  • Address

TypeRelease DateTitleDescription
Update5/11/22Above-Store Actual vs Theoretical AnalysisEfficiency can now be viewed on the  report in the new ‘Efficy %’ column.
Update5/11/22AP Invoices: Alerts and Unlinked ItemsThreshold Violations are now highlighted in red on the ‘Details’ tab for Smart Ops Invoices. Hovering over the bell icon will provide detailed information about the Threshold Violation.
New5/11/22Inventory Counts: Print Count Review ReportCost Account information is now provided below the Inventory Account information. This article also includes navigation steps and report details.
Update5/11/22Inventory Counts: Create and Enter an Inventory CountThe Search Bar can now be used to search for Item Numbers that are defined on the Purchase Item Record or Recipe Item Record. The number will show when hovering over the Item.
Update5/11/22Inventory Counts: Create and Edit an Inventory Template
Update5/11/22Keyboard ShortcutsNew shortcuts for use with Smart Ops Inventory Counts.
Update5/11/22Home PageA new setting menu is available for the Daily Sales Metrics to toggle between displaying Net Sales and Gross Sales. Changing the setting will impact Total Sales, Labor %, SPLH, and the Sales and Labor Comparison Chart.
Update5/11/22Custom Sales Forecasting: Customizing a ForecastPast and future days with zero dollars are now automatically excluded in Forecast calculations. These days can be manually added back in through customizing the Forecast.  
Update5/11/22Custom Sales Forecasting Overview & Security
If all days are unselected when customizing a Forecast, the calculated Forecast will default to the last non-zero day.
Update5/11/22Custom Sales Forecasting: Customizing a Forecast
Update5/11/22Smart Ops Release: Labor DashboardBy default the Ops Dashboard and Labor Dashboard will exclude unpublished shifts in Overtime Hours and Hourly Labor Analysis calculations. Unpublished shifts can be included by toggling the 'Exclude Unpublished Shifts' setting in the settings menu.
Update5/11/22Smart Ops Release: Operations Dashboard
Update5/11/22Log Entries: Create and Edit a Log EntryBy default, Users are only able to edit Log Entries that they created.