Indeed recently announced changes to its sponsored jobs functionality coming at the end of April 2022. With this update, sponsoring jobs on Indeed through your R365 Hire account will be easier and more effective than ever!

In this article:
  • What's changing with Indeed's sponsored jobs?
  • Re-authorizing your Indeed Employer account
  • Budget and scheduling
  • Indeed Prediction tool
  • Indeed Performance estimator tool
  • Indeed sponsorship analytics

What's changing with Indeed's sponsored jobs?

Currently, when you sponsor a job on Indeed using your R365 Hire account, R365 has to send the sponsorship details for your job to Indeed via an XML feed. To improve that experience for users, Indeed has developed a new integration for sponsoring jobs directly through an ATS. This will give you greater control over your sponsorship budgets and time-frames, as well as access to analytics, budget predictions, and a performance estimator — all from within your Hire account.

Effective April 21, if you are currently sponsoring jobs on Indeed or want to be able to sponsor jobs in the future, you will need to manually re-authorize your Indeed Employer account within R365 Hire to ensure the two systems remain directly connected. If you do not re-authorize your account, your active sponsored jobs will cease to be sponsored. Luckily, you only need to do this once and we'll show you how!

As part of Indeed's sponsored jobs changes, you’ll now have access to:

  • More control over sponsorship budgets and the time-frame in which you want to sponsor your jobs
  • Budget predictions and a performance estimator to help you optimize results for your sponsored jobs
  • Analytic charts within your Hire account related to your sponsored jobs, including key metrics (organic job status, sponsorship clicks, sponsorship applies, the average cost per apply, and total cost)

Re-authorizing your Indeed Employer account

Navigate to your Jobs page and click the title of one of your jobs to open the job's profile page.

Starting on April 21st, you will now see a Sponsor on Indeed button in the top right corner of your job's profile page. Click Sponsor on Indeed.

This will initiate the authorization process for Indeed by first asking for the email address associated with your Indeed Employer Account. After entering your email, click Start Setup.

As long as your Indeed account is setup correctly, you'll be taken to the Authorize Indeed step. Click Authorize with Indeed to proceed to the final step.

If your Indeed account is missing payment information, you will instead be taken to Indeed's billing information or credit card information page, where you can enter your missing billing/credit card information to proceed.

You will be redirected to Indeed, where you'll need to select your Indeed Employer account and click Continue.

You'll be redirected once more back to Hire, where you can configure the budget and schedule for your sponsored job.

If for any reason you need to disconnect your Indeed and Hire accounts (for instance, you entered the wrong email when setting up the integration), you can click the Integration Settings button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Integrations tab of your Settings, where you can click Disconnect Indeed Account. Click Confirm Disconnect on the following pop-up.

Budget and scheduling

You now have the option to set your sponsorship budget as either a monthly recurring or one-time (with fixed dates) sponsorship .

  • One-time sponsorship
    • Set a one-time budget amount and choose a time-frame (with end date) for your sponsored job

      • Choose a fixed end date if you want to close the one-time campaign when the specific date is reached
      • Choose a target end date if you want to run the campaign until the specific budget is depleted

  • Monthly recurring sponsorship
    • Set a budget that will refresh monthly until you choose to stop the sponsorship (unless you've set a future end date)
    • If you start your campaign after the first day of the month, you have the option to prorate the budget for your first month

Indeed Prediction tool

Before you even set your own sponsorship budget, the Prediction tool on the right side of the screen will offer a recommended budget for your job and the expected number of clicks within the suggested time-frame. This is Indeed's suggestion for getting the most value out of your job sponsorship. 

If you choose to accept Indeed's suggestion, click  Use Recommended Budget and the budget amount field will auto-fill (regardless of whether you're doing a one-time or monthly recurring sponsorship).

Indeed Performance estimator tool

Once you've set your budget and schedule, the Performance estimator tool will appear on the right side of the screen (under the Prediction tool).

Indeed will estimate the number of applicants your sponsored jobs might receive and the average cost-per-apply during your campaign. 

Indeed's estimates are based on past performance of similar jobs and are not a guarantee of future performance. These estimates only pertain to Indeed Sponsored Jobs and are not indicative of R365 Hire's effectiveness.

Indeed sponsorship analytics

With this new integration, you'll gain access to the following key metrics:

  • Sponsorship Applies - the number of applications submitted to your sponsored job
  • Sponsorship Clicks - the number of times your sponsored job ad is clicked
  • Average Cost Per Apply (CPA) - the total cost of your sponsorship divided by the number of sponsored applies
  • Total Cost - the full amount paid so far to sponsor a job