This is a part of the AP Credit Memos feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

AP Credit Memos with a 'Completed' status will need to be reviewed and approved by a higher level User. If issues are found on an AP Credit Memo, the credit memo can be unlocked and edited as needed by either the higher level User or saved and later reviewed by a Restaurant Manager. 

Once an AP Credit Memo is entered correctly, it can be approved.

Review and Approve the Credit Memo

Review the details of the AP Credit Memo to ensure that all aspects are entered correctly. If an update needs to be made, unlock the form and either update the form or save the form for a Restaurant Manager to update.

Once the form is reviewed and deemed as accurate, click the 'Approve' button in the top ribbon of the sidesheet. This will mark the AP Credit Memo as 'Approved' and replace this button with 'Unapprove'.