Payment Type Import Types are the type of Payment Types brought in from the POS. Depending on the POS system, these types may or may not have been set up when your system was initially implemented. If your system allowed for this setup, this field will be present on your Location records. Selecting a specific Payment Type Import Type in R365 can benefit Sales analysis by narrowing in on the areas within the restaurant that get the most Sales.

Payment Type Import Types must be mapped to a GL Account to view and assess Customer preference and patterns through Ad Hoc Reporting. Two options are available from the Payment Type Import Type drop-down menu:

  • None - No set Payment Type Import Type (default)
  • Revenue Center - The areas within a restaurant where points of Sale are made (i.e., Bar, Dining Patio, etc.)

Editing Payment Type Import Types

The Payment Type Import Type can be changed at any point by navigating to the Location record and selecting the desired option.

A warning modal will appear asking for a confirmation of the change. When this change is confirmed, navigate to the 'To Do Checklist' under 'Reports' in the Accounting module and map GL Accounts to the POS.