This is a part of the Till Management feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Once all deposit slips are reviewed and completed for the day, they will then be listed on the 'Deposits' tab of the Till Management page. Review newly added deposit slips to ensure that all of the amounts entered are accurate and true. Deposit checkpoints will be listed at the top of this tab to show if all aspects of deposit slips are validated or not. 

This article reviews the following topics:

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters who utilize Sicom as their POS System.

Deposit Progress Tracker

Under the 'Tills' tab, three checkpoints are displayed. These include:

  • All deposits pass over/short test
  • Deposit slip image added to all deposits
  • All deposits ready for accounting review

As these checkpoints are completed, a blue checkmarkwill be displayed next to each checkpoint, but until then, a gray 'x' iconwill be displayed to show which checkpoints still need to be completed. This helps to track the accuracy of deposit slips that are completed.

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Deposit Slip Statuses

Deposit slips display two different statuses – one for the over/short amount and the other for deposit slip checkpoints.

1) Deposit Slip Status - This will reflect the over/short amount. The listed icon will be displayed accordingly:

2) Deposit Slip Checkpoint Status - This will reflect if the individual deposit slip successfullyor unsuccessfullyfulfills the deposit checkpoints. These statuses include:

  • All tills passed the over/short test
  • Deposit in process of being taken to bank (system-generated once a deposit is completed in R365)
  • Deposit slip entered and uploaded

If a deposit slip does not include an allowable over/short variance and/or does not successfully fulfill all of the deposit checkpoints, ensure to review and update the deposit slips as needed.

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Finalize a Deposit Slip

All completed deposit slips are listed on the 'Deposits' tab and should be reviewed to ensure that all of the information entered is accurate for a given day. Users can update the Location and date range selector to filter the listing for specific deposits to review. The date range selector includes the following options:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Custom Date

To finalize a deposit slip, complete the following steps.

Step 1: Ensure the Over / Short Variance is Accurate

Over/short variances are set in the Till Management Settings. These variances will either display as red, if outside of the threshold variance, or blue, if within the threshold variance. Review all deposit slips by clicking the down arrowat the bottom of each deposit slip card.

If the tills included on the deposit are accurate, continue to Step 3. Otherwise, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Review and Update Inaccurate Tills

On the 'Individual Tills' tab of the deposit slip card, review the till amounts and the User who completed them. If the actual amount is incorrect or the over/short amount is outside the allowable threshold, speak with the User who completed the till to determine the correct actual cash amount.

Edit a Till

Till actual amounts can be updated as needed directly from the deposit slip card. To do this, click the 'Edit' option listed at the end of the desired till.

This will open the till details and show the actual, expected, and over/short amounts. The actual amount field will be editable, enabling the User to easily update the amount if it is incorrect. Click 'Done' to update the change. 

When all changes are made to the necessary tills, click 'Save All Changes'. 

Changes will then be saved and the 'Modified By' note will be updated to display the date of the modification and the User who modified the card.

Step 3: Finalize the Deposit

This step occurs after the deposit is submitted to the bank. Navigate to the 'Deposit Slip' tab to complete the following steps and finalize the deposit in R365.

1) Upload image of deposit slip - Add an image of the deposit slip received by the bank

2) Manually enter deposit amount - Enter in the amount listed on the bank's deposit slip

3) Confirmation Checkbox - Check this box to confirm that the attached deposit slip matches the actual deposit total. If this amount does not match, a confirmation message will appear where the User will need to confirm that these amounts do not match before saving the updates made on this tab

Once all details are entered on this tab, click 'Save' to finalize the deposit slip. Repeat these steps for each deposit slip to ensure all information is correctly entered into Restaurant365. 

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