This is a part of the Till Management feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Deposit slips are created based on tills being finalized and added to a new deposit slip. Once deposits are reviewed and marked as complete, they will transfer to the 'Deposits' tab and update the Deposit section of that day's unapproved Daily Sales form.

  • Note: The Deposit section of the Daily Sales form will only be updated if that Daily Sales is currently listed as 'Unapproved'. If it is marked as 'Approved', then the Deposit section will not update.

This article reviews the following:

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters who utilize Sicom as their POS System.

Add Tills to a Deposit Slip

Tills can be easily added to a deposit slip by dragging and dropping the completed till to the 'Drag a complete till here to begin a deposit' box above any existing deposits, which will create a new deposit slip, or the 'Drag a complete till over to add to deposit' box within an existing deposit slip, as shown below.

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Edit Deposit Slips

Deposit slips should include tills within the over/short variance threshold. If there are any tills outside of this variance, they will need reviewed to ensure the actual cash entered is accurate.

Update Incomplete Deposit Slips

If an actual cash amount needs to be updated on a till, Users can either click 'Move Back to Tills', which will appear when hovering over the till name in the deposit slip, or 'Edit' listed at the end of the till row. If the till was moved back to the Unassigned Tills section, then it can be updated by following these steps.

When 'Edit' is clicked, the till row will open to display the actual cash amount entered compared to the expected cash amount. Update the actual field to the correct amount and then click 'Save' in the top, right corner of the expanded till row.

  • Note: If an update is made where the amount entered and saved is outside of the variance threshold, a warning message will appear bringing attention to this variance. Users must click 'Confirm' in order to save the new amount.

Users will also gain access to additional options when 'Edit' is clicked. 

This includes enabling the User to move the till to another incomplete deposit slip or back to the Unassigned Tills section to be further edited. Once the desired option is selected, the till will update accordingly.

Update Completed Deposit Slips

Deposit slips that are marked as 'Complete' will need to be unlocked to edit. To do so, Users with the security access to unlock can click the three dot iconin the top, right corner of the completed deposit slip and then 'Unlock Deposit'. This will make the deposit slip editable. Follow the steps in the 'Update Incomplete Deposit Slips' sub-section to make any necessary edits.

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Delete a Deposit Slip

In the event that a deposit slip would need to be deleted, it can be removed by clicking the three dot iconin the top, right corner of the deposit slip and then selecting 'Delete Deposit'. This will remove the deposit slip from the listing.

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Complete a Deposit Slip

Once tills are added to a new or existing deposit slip, these slips will then need to marked as completed. To do this, review the tills tied to the deposit to make sure all tills are accurate and then click 'Complete Deposit' at the bottom of the deposit slip.

A confirmation message will appear noting that this deposit slip was added to the 'Deposits' tab.

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Finalize All Checkpoints

When all tills are added to a deposit slip, ensure to review and complete all deposit slips. These slips will then be added to the 'Deposits' tab and all checkpoints will display a blue checkmarkto indicate they are complete.

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Validate a Deposit Slip

Once deposit slips are completed, they will move to the 'Deposits' tab where they can be validated. Click here to learn how to validate a deposit slip.

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