This is a part of the Till Management feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

The 'Tills' tab of the Till Management page lists all open and closed tills for the selected day and Location. Users can enter in the actual cash amount for each closed till and view any variances between that and the expected cash amount. Expected cash amounts are polled directly from the POS for transactions marked as being paid in cash. 

Any over/short variances that are outside of the set threshold amount will be displayed in red to alert the User. It is recommended to review these variances and ensure the amounts entered are accurate.

As tills are updated and added to a deposit slip, the till checkpoints listed on the 'Tills' tab will update to show if all tills have completed a checkpoint or not. These checkpoints will serve as a guide to determine if all tills are accurately entered and tied to a deposit slip.

This article covers the following:

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters who utilize Sicom as their POS System.

Till Progress Tracker

Under the 'Tills' tab, four checkpoints are displayed. These include:

  • All tills close in POS
  • Actual cash added to all tills
  • All tills pass over/short test
  • All tills added to deposit

As these checkpoints are completed, a blue checkmarkwill be displayed next to each checkpoint, but until then, a gray 'x' iconwill be displayed to show which checkpoints still need to be completed. This helps to track the accurate completion of all tills.

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Till Statuses

Tills will be polled every 15 minutes for Locations that are set up for Till Management. When tills are displayed, they will have one of three statuses:

  • Open - This will not display any till information but will notify the User that a till is currently open

  • Closed Without Actual Till - This will display the expected cash amount of a till based on the transactions that were marked as paid in cash in the POS. Users can then add in the actual cash amount

  • Closed With Actual Till - This will display the expected cash amount as well as the actual cash amount entered by the User. From this, Users can see the calculated over/short amount and can either update the till again or drag and drop this till to a deposit slip. The status of a till will display as either red or blue to show that the over/short amount is outside of or within the set Till Variance, respectively, based on the set till variance threshold

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Update Cash Actual Amount

Once tills are closed and their expected amounts are displayed in R365, they can then have their actual cash amounts entered.

This can be done by either clicking '+ Add Actual' or the three dot iconand then 'Edit'. This will open the 'Cash' side panel where the actual cash amount can be entered.

1) Actual Cash - The actual cash amount in the till. Users can either enter in the amount of bills next to the associated bill amount and even enter in the 'Coin Total', which will accept up to two decimals. The Total Actual amount (#2) will calculate the amounts entered in each actual cash field

  • Note: If a User enters in a Total Actual amount (#2), then it will override the entries listed in the Actual Cash fields

2) Total Actual - The actual total cash amount in the till. Users can enter in the actual cash by individual dollars (#1) or by entering the total amount in this field

3) Total Expected - The total expected amount in the till, based on the transactions marked as paid in cash in the POS

4) Over / Short Variance - The difference between the Total Actual (#2) and the Total Expected (#3). This amount will display in red if it is outside of the set Till Variance and will display in blue with a checkmark icon if it is within the set Till Variance. Click here to learn how to set the Till Variance

5) Employee On Till - The Employee assigned to the till in the POS. If an Employee name is displayed, this field will be read-only. If this field is empty, Users with the necessary security roles will be able to update this field to the correct Employee

6) Entering Manager - The User updating the till. This is a read-only field

7) Confirmation Checkbox - This checkbox confirms that the amounts entered are accurate and within the acceptable variance, as set in the Till Management Settings. This box is required to save any changes made

8) Save - This will save the changes made. This button will only be enabled once values are entered and the Confirmation checkbox (#7) is checked

9) Help Menu - This will open the Help Menu, which lists multiple resources to assist in updating the till

10) Full Screen - This will expand the side panel to full screen. Once full screen, this icon can be clicked again to minimize the side panel back to its original size

11) Close - This will close the side panel without saving any changes made

Once the necessary values are entered, check the Confirmation checkbox and then save the till.

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Add Tills to a Deposit Slip

Tills can be easily added to a deposit slip by dragging and dropping the completed till to the 'Drag a complete till here to begin a deposit' box above any existing deposits, which will create a new deposit slip, or the 'Drag a complete till over to add to deposit' box within an existing deposit slip, as shown below.

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Complete Deposit Slips

All tills should be added to one or more deposit slips before they are marked as complete. Click here to learn how to complete deposit slips.

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