This is a part of the Mobile Manager Log feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops.

Admin Users can communicate about an entry by creating and viewing entry comments. Comments encourage collaboration by allowing Users to discuss an entry, add additional details, or work together to resolve a problem at hand.

On a desktop browser? Learn how to enter comments here.

Add Entry Comments

Users with the ability to enter comments can do so on any Log Entry. To begin, navigate to the Daily Logs page and then open the desired Log Entry.

At the bottom of the Log Entry, the 'Comments' section will display any existing comments. Comments that are listed will include the User's name, comment description, and the date and time that the comment was added.

To add a comment, tap into the 'Add a comment...' field and begin entering a message. When completed, tap the send icon that is enabled once an entry is typed to add the comment to the 'Comments' section. Other Users will then be able to view and add comments as needed.

Daily Logs Page

Each Log Entry card on the Daily Logs page includes a Comments section to show how many comments are currently listed for the entry. Users can also tap 'Add comment...' to open the entry directly to its 'Comments' section.


When making comments, @mentions can be used to tag and alert other Users. @Mentioning a User will send a Notification to the User via the Notification Window, R365 Red App, email, and text message (SMS). 


After entering the '@' symbol and at least two letters, a suggestion list of Users will populate. Select the appropriate User from the list to complete the @mention. Once competed, the @mention text will be blue. 

  • Note - Only Users selected from the suggestion list will be successfully @mentioned. @Mentioning other names will not connect to a User and no Notification will be sent.