January 13, 2021

Utilize Shopping Lists in the Smart Ops Release
No need to return to the classic experience to use Shopping Lists! Shopping Lists can now be built out and put in use directly from the Smart Ops Experience. See supporting documentation on Shopping Lists and Order Forms.

Enhanced User Location Security Access that's Easier to Maintain

User Location access can be granted by Legal Entity or Location Reporting Category, in addition to the current Specific and All Location options. 

Assigning a specific Legal Entity or Location Reporting Category will ensure that the User has access to all existing and future Locations assigned to the selected option. See supporting documentation.

Financial Dashboard includes Saved Views for a Faster Review!

Save a range of Financial Dashboard views in order to make quick assessments of multiple stores' financial health. These views can be saved for you or shared across the team. See supporting documentation.

Filter by Payment Method when Creating a Check / Payment Run

Payment Methods can be filtered on a Check/Payment Run to display only the types of payments that you'd like to pay at a given time. See supporting documentation.