Use this guide as a compass for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to successfully navigate R365 to financial success. Download a pdf of the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Payroll and Hire Task Guide for your back office.

Daily Task Guide

  1.  Upkeep Employee Records
    1. Onboarding New Employees
    2. Maintain Record Changes
    3. Complete Employee Terminations
  2.  Maintain Payroll IDs in both POS & Payroll so that there is harmony between systems
  3.  Maintain GL Mapping for New Departments
  1.  Upkeep Applicant / Employee Records
    1. Review, communicate, and schedule interviews with new applicants
    2. Respond to all incoming emails and text messages from in progress applicants
    3. Deactivate all applicants that are not a good fit
  2.  Complete all outstanding onboarding tasks and follow up with late onboarding assignments
  3.  Export all employees who have completed onboarding to R365 Payroll

Bi-Weekly / Weekly Task Guide

  1.  Process Payroll
    1. Import or Enter Hours & Batch Totals
    2. Review Payroll Pre-Check Report
    3. Cut Checks and Direct Deposit
  2.  Review Payroll Reporting for Accuracy
  3.  Post Payroll to Accounting
    1. Post Payroll JE to R365 Accounting
    2. Confirm Labor Accrual has been reversed
    3. Clear Payroll Checks to the bank
  1.  Process Open Jobs & Applicants
    1. Refresh jobs exceeding 31 days
    2. Share great applicants in your pipeline with other managers in your organization
  2.  Onboard New Employees
    1. Ensure all employees that have completed onboarding have been successfully exported to R365 Payroll
    2. Check that managers are finishing new hire paperwork in a timely manner

Monthly Task Guide

  1. Perform period end payroll self-audit
    1. Confirm all New Employees Recorded
    2. Confirm all Terminations Recorded
    3. Review and Confirm all Record
    4. Confirm Payroll and POS are in sync
    5. Confirm all Payroll Journal Entries have been posted to Accounting
  1.  Perform period end HIRE self-audit
    1. Use the 'Click/Apply' report to identify jobs that are not performing well
    2. Use the 'Source Analysis' report (hired section) to identify if you are presenting opportunities for the patrons of your restaurant to apply
    3. Ensure all jobs for next month are posted with the correct manager & department assigned
    4. Remove all inactive employees using the employment status in the onboarding section to 'never' or 'former'
      • Never = never started onboarding
      • Former = terminated

Quarterly Task Guide

  1.  Quarterly Reporting
    1. 941 Reporting
    2. State Reporting (where applicable)