Typically, new Employees should not be added to the Onboarding module. If they were hired through the Recruiting module, they already exist in the system, and their Applicant Profile will be carried over to the Onboarding module as an Employee record.

However, if they did not apply through R365 Hire and they do not already exist as a User in the system, they will need to have their Employee record created.

Adding a New Employee

Before adding a new Employee, ensure to check if the Employee already has an Employee record created for them. 

This can be done by first navigating to the Recruiting module. From there, click 'Settings' in the top ribbon, then the 'My Organization' tab, and finally the 'Team' section. A listing of all team members will then show. Search for the new Employees in the Search Bar to see if their Employee records exist in R365 Hire.

If they are in the Team listing, begin searching for the next Employee. If any Employees do not exist in this listing and is not an R365 User, then they will need an Employee record created for them.

While creating an Employee record is extremely rare, it should be done for new Employees who were hired outside of the Recruiting module only. 

To do so, navigate to the Onboarding module and click 'Employees' in the top ribbon. This will open the Employees listing where all current and former Employees can be found. Click 'Add Employee' next to the 'Employees' title to open a new Employee record.

When the Employee record opens, complete all required fields and any necessary job details. If the account includes multiple Locations and Departments, ensure to fill out the employment Location, Department, and Manager to ensure the proper people have access to this Employee in R365 Hire.

Save the record once all details are entered. Repeat this process for any remaining new Employees.