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Admin Users have the ability to add, edit, and remove punches for their Employees directly from the Daily Sales form. To help determine which punches need to be added or edited, Users can filter the 'Labor' tab of the DSS for large variances between the hours scheduled and hours worked for all Employees.

Once punches are added, edited, and/or removed, an Audit Log will be listed on each Employee Punch sidesheet to show which User(s) made edits to the punch as well as the date, time, and updates that were made.

This article reviews the following topics:

Note: Only Users who utilize both R365 Scheduling and the Smart Ops Release will be able to access this feature. Contact your Customer Success Manager about having this feature enabled for your database.


Users with the following Security Roles can add, edit, and delete Punch Edits and Punch Edit Reasons:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Edit Punches (Secondary)

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Punch Edits can only be made within the 'Labor' tab of the Daily Sales form, which is located in the Smart Ops Release.

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Assess Punch Errors

Users who utilize R365 Scheduling can assess the variances in hours scheduled versus hours worked on the Daily Sales form to determine if Labor Punches were made in error, such as a late clock in.

To do this, open the desired DSS form from the Daily Sales page of the Smart Ops Release and click into its 'Labor' tab.

Sort the 'Variance' column from greatest to least so that Employees with the biggest difference in hours worked versus hours scheduled are displayed. This will be a strong starting point to determining which punches will most likely need attention. 

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Edit a Punch

Employee punches can only be edited by clicking into the Employee's name on the 'Labor' tab. Their Punch Details will then open for the selected date in a sidesheet. 

  • Note: A blue marker will be listed next to punches that have been edited.

To edit a punch, you can either click the edit iconor delete the punch using the trash can iconand then adding a new one.

After clicking the edit icon, the Job Code/Title and the Clock In and Clock Out times will be editable. Update the job worked by the Employee for that day, if needed, and then update their punch times. Before saving the changes made, select the reason(s) for the Punch Edit. Save all Changes by clicking the checkmark icon.

Add / Delete Punch Edit Reasons

Punch Edit Reasons are required selections made when adding or editing a punch. The following options will be included out of the box and cannot be edited or deleted:

  • Late Clock In
  • Late Clock Out
  • No Clock In
  • No Clock Out
  • Not Scheduled
  • Termination
  • Wrong Job

Users can also create, edit, and delete reasons that are no longer necessary.

To make changes to the optional Punch Edit Reasons, click into the selector and then click 'Customize Explanations'.

1) Delete - Remove the reason from the listing by clicking the 'x' icon next to the desired option

2) Add - Click this 'Add new reason' field to create a new option and then hit 'Enter' or 'Return' on your keyboard to add the new option to the listing

3) Back - Return to the listing without making any changes by clicking this button

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Add / Remove a Punch

If an Employee needs a punch added or removed from the DSS, it can be done directly from that day's 'Labor' tab or the Punch Details sidesheet of the Daily Sales form.

'Labor' Tab

From the 'Labor' tab of the DSS form, click the '+ Add Punch' button. This will open a modal where the Employee name can be selected.

Once an Employee is selected, a new Labor Punch sidesheet will open where the job, clock in/out times, and the reason(s) for the Labor Punch addition can be entered. 

  • Note: A blue marker will be listed next to punches that have been edited.

Save all changes by clicking the checkmark icon next to the Punch Edit.

Punch Details Sidesheet

Open a listed Employee's Punch Details and click '+ Add Punch' under the Punches section to open a 'New Punch' line.

From here, enter in the job, clock in/out times, and the reason(s) for the Labor Punch addition. Save all changes by clicking the checkmark icon next to the Punch Edit.

  • Note: If an incorrect punch needs to be deleted, click the trash can iconnext to it. A blue marker will be listed next to punches that have been edited.

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Punch Edit Audit Log

Each Punch Edit's Audit Log lists any edits made to the punch alongside its original details, if applicable. Admin Users can review this log to see the updates and reasons selected for the change before approving the DSS.

Original Punches and their edits as well as new punches will be listed in chronological order based on their Clock In and Out Times. 

  • Added / Edited Punches - Punches that are added or edited will list the User, fields edited and their values, and the reason(s) for the change. This will also show the date and time that the edit was made
  • Original Punches - Punches that come in from the DSS will list their original details and the date and time they were created

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