October 20, 2021

Manage accounts payable on the go with AP Workflows on mobile

Managers can now review, approve, and unapprove AP transactions directly from the newer R365 Red mobile app.


This upgrade includes an intuitive interface such as separate tabs for approved and unapproved transactions and alerts for pending approvals. See supporting documentation





More flexibility from your Financial Dashboard

See the exact information you need faster with the added ability to select the specific locations for which you want to see financial data on your financial dashboard. Use the checkboxes to select any combination of locations you want reflected in your financial dashboard. 




CFR: More reporting flexibility for multiple org units

You can now choose whether multiple org units are reported as individual reports, a single consolidated report, or both. Separate “Individual Reports” will produce as many reports as there are org units selected. Selecting “Consolidated Report” will produce one report with the financial data of all selected org units. Selecting “Consolidated + Individual Reports” will produce one consolidated report for all org units as well as multiple reports for each org unit. See supporting documentation





October 1, 2021

CFR: Financial Dashboard Customization Upgrades

You can now further customize your Financial Dashboard with the following options: 

  • Choose your shortcuts at the top of the dashboard
  • Use drag and drop to rearrange the shortcuts and the widgets within the financial dashboard
  • Add a branding image such as a logo
  • Add an image or PDF such as company goals, a report, or an important message 
  • Use “yesterday” as a date parameter so you can see the latest complete day of data 

See supporting documentation




Save time with My Reports quick export/email/print options

You no longer need to run reports in order to export, email, or print them. Simply click on the dropdown menu next to the “run” button to quickly accomplish your task without waiting for the report to run. See supporting documentation