This is a part of the New Commissary module in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Ordering Locations are Locations or Customers that are given the ability to create and place orders to designated Commissary Locations. Ordering Location forms house all details related to the days and times when Orders need to completed by and when they should be delivered. 

In addition to Cutoff Days and Times, Commissary Alerts can be enabled to send a notification to a specified Commissary User to submit an Order at a set amount of time before the Order is due. These Users will then complete Order Guides via the Classic Commissary module.

This article reviews the following:

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Open the Ordering Locations page by clicking 'Ordering Locations' under 'Commissary' in the left navigation pane of Smart Ops.

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List Functions

In addition to the list functions explained below, lists can also be filtered to display in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title. The list can then be further filtered after the initial sort by holding down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard and clicking another column header.

1) Search Bar - This will filter the listing for the values entered

2) + Add Ordering Location - This button will enable the User to add a new Ordering Location. Click here to learn how to create an Ordering Location

3) Table Views - This enables the User to create and edit Saved Views of this list. Simply click this icon and then either 'Save Current View' to save the new View or 'Edit Table Views' to edit the selected Saved View. All Saved Views are listed above these two action buttons

4) Filter - This allows the User to create a filter for the table. Click the filter icon to open the 'Filter Columns' modal. Once opened, click '+ Add Filter' to select the Column, Filter Type, and then the Value that should be filtered. Select the 'Apply' button to filter the table for the information entered or click the trash can icon to remove a filter

5) Columns - This lists all of the columns available to display in the Ordering Locations grid. Check or uncheck a column name to include or exclude it, respectively, in the list. Columns can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping the desired column's rearrange iconwhere needed

6) Excel - This will download the listed information into an Excel File

7) Refresh - This will refresh the listing

Additional Page Functions

From the Ordering Locations grid, Users can also open an Ordering Location's Order Guide by clicking its name in the listing.

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Create an Ordering Location

Create Ordering Locations by clicking the '+ Add Ordering Location' button in the top, right corner of the Ordering Locations page and completing the Location's details in the sidesheet that opens.

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Ordering Location Form

Create and/or edit an Ordering Location by entering in its current details. Once all details are entered or updated correctly, ensure to click 'Save' in the top, right corner of the sidesheet.

1) Type - The type of entity placing orders from Commissary. Options include:

2) Commissary - The Commissary Location assigned to the Ordering Location. The Commissary Location will need to be chosen before a Location/Customer is selected

3) Location / Customer - The Location or Customer, depending on the Type (#1) selected, that will be listed as this Ordering Location

4) Order Guides - A listing of all Order Guides created for the Commissary Location (#2). Choose one or more Order Guides that can be used by this Ordering Location when marked as 'Available'

  • Note: Order Guides marked as 'Unavailable' will only display for the Ordering Locations when they are updated to 'Available'

5) Comment - A free-form text box that can contain any details about the order, delivery, ect.

6) Deliver On - The day(s) that the order(s) will be delivered on

  • Note: This is the only field that determines Delivery dates and times for Ordering Locations listed as Customers (#1)

7) Auto-Generate Orders - This selection will create the Order Guides automatically for the Ordering Location a set number of days before the Order Cutoff Day (#9). Click here to learn more about setting up auto-generated orders. Options include:

  • None
  • 1-10 Days Before

8) Delivery Day - The day(s) that the order(s) will be delivered on

9) Order Cutoff Day - The day the order needs to be placed by for it to arrive by the Delivery Day (#8). This defaults to one day prior to the Delivery Day but can be manually updated to the desired Cutoff Day

  • Note: If the day selected is the same day as the Delivery Day, then the system will allow Orders up to the Delivery Day

10) Cutoff Time - The local time, based on the Commissary Location's time zone, that the Order can be placed by on the set Cutoff Day (#9). This defaults to 12 PM and lists timesimes listed in 15 minute increments

11) Alert - This will alert a designated Commissary User to complete the Order Guide. Learn more about Commissary Alerts below

12) Save - This will save the Ordering Location

13) Help Menu - This will open the Help Menu, which lists multiple resources to assist in creating an Ordering Location

14) Full Screen - This will expand the sidesheet to full screen. This can then return back to its original size by clicking the minimize icon

15) Close - This will close the sidesheet without saving

Commissary Alert Settings

Commissary Admin Users can be alerted to complete a Commissary Order a set number of minutes, hours, or days before its Cutoff Day and Time. To send out Alerts, check the 'Alert' box in the Delivery Days grid and set the following Settings.

1) Notification Type - The notification that will be sent out to the Assignee (#2). These values are based on the information entered on the Assignee's User record. Options include:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Both

2) Assignee - A listing of all Users who have the security access to create a Commissary Order as well as a valid Notification Type (#1) entered on their User record

3) Time Value - A numerical field that works in conjunction with the Time Increment (#4) field to send out an alert prior to the Cutoff Date and Time

4) Time Increment - The time increments available to send the alert prior to the Cutoff Date and Time. Options include:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days

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Edit or Delete an Ordering Location

Ordering Locations can be edited at any time. If an Ordering Location needs to be deleted for any reason, it can be done so from its Ordering Location form.

Open the desired Ordering Location form and click the Context Menu icon in the top, right corner of the sidesheet. Click 'Delete' from the drop-down menu that appears. A confirmation message will then be displayed where the User can confirm the deletion of the Ordering Location.

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