Jobs can be marked as excluded from the Schedule and/or from the POS Import from within the Job Form. Jobs that are excluded from the Schedule are often removed if they are outdated or a higher level position. Jobs are often excluded from POS Import so that they do not have an impact on Labor Accruals in R365.

Learn more about both of these options below.

Exclude From Scheduling

The 'Exclude From Scheduling' box should be checked for Administrator Jobs or Jobs that are no longer used/scheduled. This will help declutter the Schedule Calendar for Schedulers as these Jobs do not need to be scheduled weekly. 

Exclude From POS Import

Jobs that have 'Exclude From POS Import' checked on their Job record is often for Jobs that need to be scheduled but not have their Labor data polled from the POS. This is often selected for Jobs that are not directly related to the restaurant itself, such as an IT Manager who will need to be scheduled to come in but paid separately from the normal Payroll.

Exclude From Schedule and POS Import

At times, certain Jobs may be created in R365 that should be marked as excluded from both the Schedule and POS Import since often times they are more so for informational purposes. These Jobs may be more general, such as 'Marketing', 'Tech Admin', 'Headquarters', or 'Drawer'. 

To exclude these Jobs, ensure to check both the 'Exclude From Schedule' and 'Exclude From POS Import' boxes and save the record.