This is a part of the New Purchase Orders feature within the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Purchase Orders can be canceled, edited, and resent or deleted if needed after they are initially submitted to the Vendor. Once an order is canceled, the User will then need to send an email to the Vendor's contact person in order to alert them that the Purchase Order will need to be canceled on their end. This can be done easily via an email prompt provided by R365 that appears once an order is officially canceled.

Canceling an Order

If an edit needs to be made to a submitted Purchase Order or an order needs to be canceled entirely, it can be done from within the corresponding Purchase Order. 

Open the desired Purchase Order and click the 'Undo Send' button. 

An 'Undo Send' confirmation message will then appear. Click 'Yes' to update the order to 'In Progress' and send a direct email to the Vendor contact about the order's cancellation. Clicking 'No' will leave the order as 'Submitted'.

Editing a Canceled Order

Once a Purchase Order has been canceled, it will be listed as 'Open' or 'In Progress' and will be editable to all Users with access to the Orders page. The order can then be edited and resent or deleted from the 'Orders' tab.

Edit and Resend the Order

Open the canceled Purchase Order and make the necessary edits. After reviewing the order, click 'Send' to submit the order once more to the Vendor.

  • Note: Regardless of whether the Vendor is set up as an EDI Vendor or not, a canceled Purchase Order that is resent to the Vendor will be sent via email to the email address listed on the Vendor record.

Delete the Order

If the order needs to be deleted, open the canceled Purchase Order and click the Context Menu iconand then 'Delete'. In the Delete confirmation message that appears, click 'Yes' to delete the Purchase Order from the listing.