At R365, we value your opinion and want to continually work to build smarter products that best serve you and your team. We thrive off of new perspectives, and as collaborators, we encourage you to share your ideas, make suggestions to existing features, request improvements, and highlight opportunities for us to grow together and build the future of Restaurant365. 

You can share your ideas at any time via the R365 Idea Portal. Our Product Team will review submitted ideas on a regular basis and may reach out to you if they want to clarify the specifics of your suggestion. Then, keep an eye out for special icons listed next to updates in our R365 Release Notes emails to see what ideas were built out from Customer product suggestions, including yours!

Note: R365 Support and our Customer Success Teams will not be able to provide timelines or further details on the status of your submissions.

Submit an Idea

Open the R365 Product Portal here. When the portal opens, fill out the following fields with as much detail as possible.

1) Your idea - Give us a one-sentence summary of your idea. It could be an enhancement to an existing feature, new concept, or pain point you experience. We are always improving

2) Please add more details - Help us understand why and how this idea impacts your team and business. The more detail the better. Our Product Team will reach out for clarity when necessary

3) Choose a category for this idea - Assign a Category for your idea to help us get your thoughts to the right place

4) Tell us who you are - Provide an email address for follow-up communications

5) Product Feedback Surveys Checkbox - Opt-in to receive Product Feedback Surveys. We love our Power Users and would like to send you product feedback surveys to help drive R365 innovation

6) Share Idea - Submit your idea to send it to our Product Team

What to Expect

R365 appreciates all of the great ideas our Customers share with us and we will do our best to release the enhancements that are most impactful to your business.

The Product Team will regularly review submitted ideas and may reach out to you via the email address you entered with questions to better understand your product suggestion. 

When you receive an R365 Release Notes email, review it to see the ideas that were built out based on Customer suggestions, which are listed with a special icon. If you do not see your idea, don't worry! The Product Team will select ideas with the most customer support and that align with their strategic initiatives, so it may be coming later on down the Product Roadmap.