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Release Date
Update03/03/2021My Reports: Send, Export, or Print ReportsTwenty reports now have the advanced functionality of emailing, exporting, or printing reports in the desired format! View this training article to learn more about this feature and the reports that have it enabled.
Update03/03/2021Account Balance by Location Export (report)

Users have the option to include Stat Accounts when running these reports.
Update03/03/2021Account Balance by Location (report)
Update03/03/2021GL Account Detail Export (report)
Update03/03/2021GL Account Detail (report) 
Update03/03/2021Sales vs Labor (report)This report received a small but powerful upgrade in which the report can be chosen to run based on Daily Sales Summaries or Journal Entries.
Update03/03/2021Labor Punches (report)A labor report was created and can be downloaded for Whirks, a payroll provider.
Update03/03/2021Vendor RecordUsers can update the Vendor listing to include several key 1099 Vendor details for easy review!
Update03/03/2021R365 Messaging Audit CenterThese centers received a UI/UX update! They enable the User to stay on the Schedule Calendar while being able to complete their necessary tasks.
Update03/03/2021Scheduling: Managing Requests in the Manager Queue
Update01/22/2021Employees: Employee App AccessEmployees can have App Access enabled/removed in bulk from the Employees listing.
Employees: Mark as 'Inactive'Employees can be marked as 'Inactive' or 'Active' in bulk from the Employees listing.
1099-INT 2020 Printable FormThese reports gained a new Report Parameter called 'Threshold Amount', which will run the report based on the entered minimum payment made to Vendors.
1099-MISC 2020 Printable Form
1099-NEC 2020 Printable Form
Profit and Loss - Custom DateA new Report Parameter called 'Calendar' was added, enabling Users to run the report based on either the Fiscal or Operational Calendar.
Update01/20/2021Fiscal Period/Year SetupA new checkbox called 'Short Year' has been included to mark a year that is shorter than 364 days. This will often be used for Restaurant Locations that opened during the year at some point.
New01/20/2021AP Transactions: Attach from DocumentsAP Invoices, AP Credit Memos, and DSS Journal Entries have the option to attach documents from Documents to Process directly from the transaction.
Update01/20/20201User RecordA new field called 'Linked to' enables the User to link a User record with an Employee record directly from the User record.  Once an Employee record is selected and the record is saved, this update cannot be undone.
Update01/20/2021Employee Record
New01/11/2021My Reports: Send, Export, or Print ReportsReports can be emailed, exported, and/or printed directly from the reporting window.
New01/04/2021R365 Glossary of TermsThis glossary includes several key terms used throughout R365 broken down by topic.