This is a part of the AP Invoices feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Any unlinked items or discrepancies in an AP Invoice will be displayed in either the 'Unlinked Items' or 'Alerts' tab, depending on the issue. Review these issues and update them accordingly before marking the invoice as 'Completed' or 'Approved'.

Unlinked Items Tab

The 'Unlinked Items' tab will be displayed if the Vendor Items brought in on an automatically imported invoice are not linked, or mapped, to Purchased Item records in R365. These items are required to be mapped in R365 before marking the invoice as 'Complete' or approving the invoice.

Click here to learn how to map Vendor Items to Purchased Items in R365.

Alerts Tab

Issues can arise when linking a Purchase Order to an AP Invoice. These often arise due to manual changes made on the invoice after the PO is converted or when differences exist between an automatically imported invoice and manually created POs. 

In either case, these Alerts point to potential errors that should be reviewed and updated if needed. However, issues found do not necessarily need to be updated in order to approve the invoice.

If any issues arise between a linked Purchase Order and the AP Invoice, an 'Alerts' tab will appear. From this tab, Users can view the reasons for the alert, which include:

  • Item on PO Not on Invoice - The corresponding item is listed on the PO but not on the invoice
  • Item on Invoice Not on PO - The corresponding item is listed on the invoice but not on the PO
  • Price Difference from PO - The amount entered for the corresponding item's 'Each Amt' field is different between the invoice and the PO
  • Quantity Difference from PO - The corresponding item's UofM on the invoice does not match to the UofM on the invoice
  • Contract Violation [Description] - The corresponding item's 'Each Amt' is outside of the acceptable variance set for the contract price on the Vendor Item record
    • Note: This will only be enforced for an item with the same UofM on the invoice and PO