This feature is a part of the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

When the Smart Ops Release is installed, Help Menus will be included to assist in your success as you navigate this new design. From the Help Menu, you can find any Academy Videos, Guided Walkthroughs, and Support Articles that are relevant to the specific page you are viewing. Clicking any one of the options listed will open the corresponding resource to assist you in completing any tasks that you may have.

Open the Help Menu

To open the Help Menu on a certain page, click the question mark iconin the top, right corner next to your username. A drop-down menu will appear with the most relevant resources to help you better understand and best utilize the new R365 design!

Help Menu Resources

The Help Menu includes three types of resources that are relevant to the page you are viewing: R365 Academy Videos, Guided Walkthroughs, and Support Articles.

R365 Academy Videos

R365 Academy videos will be provided that review key processes associated with the page. Click the desired video to open it in a modal or, if you want to view the video while entering a form, click the 'Mini-Player' button in the bottom, right corner of the modal.

The Mini Player can then be moved around the screen as you work on the corresponding form. To return the video back to its original size, click 'Theater Mode' located above the video in the Mini Player.

Guided Walkthroughs

Guided Walkthroughs help you familiarize yourself with a transaction's form and learn how to enter in details. Click the necessary walkthrough to help you hit the ground running!

Support Articles

Support Articles provide a more in-depth review of each form and its corresponding processes. The Help Menu will list the three most relevant articles related to the page you are on. Select one of these articles to learn more about the page or click here to navigate to the R365 Support Center.