Restaurant365 and Fintech have teamed up to create a seamless invoice integration for mutual clients.

Getting Started

To take advantage of this integration, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have an active account set up with both Fintech & R365.
  2. You must contact your Fintech representative for integration setup. R365 Support is unable to do so on your behalf.

Important Items to Note

When setting up the integration, Fintech will request the following:

  • R365 FTP Credentials
  • R365 Store IDs (R365 Location Numbers)

Be prepared to update the vendor naming convention within R365 to match Fintech vendor listings exactly (Fintech will provide the vendor list to use).

After Fintech has completed integration setup, you should contact Fintech Support (support-at-fintech-dot-net) before contacting R365 any time you fail to receive invoices for certain vendors.

If Fintech has already withdrawn funds for a vendor payment, but you haven’t yet received the related invoice, the delay is usually on the part of the vendor submitting the invoice to Fintech. To confirm or receive a status update, contact Fintech Support (support-at-fintech-dot-net) .

Invoice Import Failure

If the vendor naming convention in R365 doesn’t match Fintech’s naming convention exactly, invoice files will fail to import to R365.

Fintech submits files that sometimes contain invoices from multiple vendors. If just one of the vendor names in the file doesn’t match your R365 settings, the entire file (including all invoices it contains) won’t import.

You can review your Restaurant365 FTP log  and / or Documents to Process Log to view messaging provided for any failed imports.

Common FTP Import Error Messages

Missing Vendor

This error occurs when an invoice file fails to import due to the Fintech vendor naming convention not matching a vendor record in your R365 database exactly (character for character, in a case-sensitive fashion). The portion of the error message that follows “Missing Vendor” is the Fintech naming convention that you must match exactly in your R365 settings.

Missing Location

This error occurs when an invoice file fails to import due to the Fintech location number(s) not matching any current R365 location records in your R365 database. The portion of the error message that follows “Missing Location” is the Fintech location number in the invoice file. Note that Fintech can only support a location number of six characters maximum.

Further Guidance

Once you’ve addressed a missing vendor error by adding and or updating the corresponding vendor record in R365, you can then manually reprocess the failed import(s) in your R365 FTP account. For more information, see “Documents to Process: Log and Errors”.

For more information about Fintech setup, file structure, and error troubleshooting, see "EDI Vendor Integration: Fintech".