Smart Ops is designed to transform POS data into bite-sized widgets and graphs that give your Restaurant Managers the tools needed to make on-the-fly decisions as well as provide insights as to future scheduling needs. Enhanced Labor configurations ensure that your Labor forecasts more accurately reflect your Labor needs based on the forecasted Sales. If Intraday Polling is enabled, Restaurant Managers can even determine necessary staffing decisions in real-time.

While Users can navigate between Smart Ops and the Classic R365 Experience with ease, this window is specifically designed with Restaurant Managers in mind. Additional features in Smart Ops, including Daily Sales, Purchase Orders, Inventory Counts, and Item Transfers, have similar screens and functionality, enabling Users to gain familiarity and increase speed of use with each new record and/or template created and/or reviewed. 

Empower your Restaurant Managers with Smart Ops!

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters.


Each feature includes a listing of the Primary and/or Secondary Roles needed to access a page and complete certain functions. Review each feature's overview article to ensure that the necessary Users have access to Smart Ops.

Users with the following Primary Security Roles have access to all Smart Ops features and their functions:

  • Full Access
  • Accounting Manager

Users with the following Security Roles have limited access to Smart Ops features and their functions:

  • Primary Security Roles:
    • Accounting Clerk
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Read Only Operations
  • Secondary Security Roles:
    • Varies depending on feature


Users can open Smart Ops by clicking 'Smart Operations NEW!' in either the Operations or Scheduling module. This will open the Smart Ops window. From the left navigation bar, Users can navigate to the corresponding areas of the system.

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to Smart Ops upon logging into the system.

1) Left Pane Collapse Button - This will collapse the pane

2) Dashboards - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

3) Sales & Forecasting - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

4) Food - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

5) Labor - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

6) Team - When clicked, this will list out the following pages:

7) Document Library - This will open Documents to Process

8) My Reports - This will open My Reports

9) Ad Hoc Reporting - This will be open Ad Hoc Reporting

10) Classic Dashboard - This will open the Ad Hoc Dashboard

11) Classic R365 Exp. - This will navigate the User out of Smart Ops and into the Classic R365 Experience