This feature is a part of the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

The Daily Sales page lists all Daily Sales Summaries (DSS) for your Restaurant Location(s). Users can create saved Table Views of this list at any time and select whether they will be available for all Users or for personal use.

The DSS will be listed as having one of the following three Statuses: 'In Progress', 'Completed', or 'Approved'. Restaurant Managers can open, review, and update an 'In Progress' DSS from this page and either save it or mark it as 'Completed'. Higher level Users or Users with the necessary security access can then review and approve 'Completed' DSSs via the Classic R365 Experience.

Click here for a printable guide of the Daily Sales Summary form.

Note: This upgrade will be rolled out to all R365 databases over the course of 2022. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Users with the following Security Roles can view and edit a Daily Sales Summary as well as mark a Daily Sales Summary as 'Complete':

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Accounting Clerk (Primary)
  • Restaurant Manager (Primary)
  • Approve DSS (Secondary)

Users with the following Security Roles can unlock and approve a Daily Sales Summary:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Accounting Clerk (Primary)
  • Approve DSS (Secondary)


To navigate to the Daily Sales page, first navigate to either the Operations module or the Scheduling module and click 'Smart Operations NEW!'. 

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' or 'Scheduler' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to the Home page upon logging into the system.

When the window opens, click 'Daily Sales' under 'Sales & Forecasting' to open the Daily Sales List.

Users can also navigate to the necessary Daily Sales form by opening the desired Daily Sales Summary in the Classic Experience and clicking the 'DSS Smart Operations NEW!' icon. This will then open the Smart Ops version of this Daily Sales form.

List Functions

In addition to the list functions explained below, lists can also be filtered to display in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title. The list can then be further filtered after the initial sort by holding down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard and clicking any other column header.

1) Search Bar - This will filter the listing for the characters entered

2) Table Views - This enables the User to create and edit saved views of this list. Simply click this icon and then either 'Save Current View' to save the new view or 'Edit Table Views' to edit the selected saved view. All saved views are listed above these two action buttons

3) Filter - This allows the User to create a filter for the table. Click the filter icon to open the 'Filter Columns' modal. Once open, click '+ Add Filter' to select the Column and Filter Type and then enter the Value that should be filtered. Select the 'Apply' button to filter the table for the information entered or click the trash can icon to remove a filter

4) Columns - This lists all of the columns available to display in the Daily Sales list. Check or uncheck a column name to include or exclude it, respectively, in the list. Columns can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping the desired column's rearrange iconwhere needed

5) Excel - This will download the listed information into an Excel file

6) Refresh - This will refresh the listing

Daily Sales: Review and Complete DSS

Restaurant Managers will need to open and review 'In Progress' DSSs before submitting them for approval. Click here to learn about how to review the DSS and mark it as 'Completed'. If more information is needed for the 'Review Summary' section of the Daily Sales, check out the training articles listed below:

Daily Sales: Approve DSS

Higher level Users or Users with the necessary security access will need to review 'Completed' DSSs from the Classic R365 Experience window. Click here to learn how to review and approve DSSs.