This feature is a part of the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn about the Smart Ops Release.

The Manager Tools page provides access to four key Managerial Functions: Announcements, Blackout Days, Events, and Request Cutoffs. From this page, Users can navigate between these different lists to view a list of all items past, current, and upcoming. 

Users who have access to this page can create new Announcements, Blackout Days, and Events as well as create custom saved views of each tab for an easy view into their details. Users can also edit Request Cutoff cards for their assigned Locations in order to set time restraints for when Employees can submit Time Off Requests.

Note: This upgrade will be rolled out to all R365 databases over the course of 2021. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Users with the following Primary Security Roles can view, create, update, and delete Announcements, Blackout Days, and Events:

  • Full Access
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Scheduler

Learn more about security access via the Security Role Descriptions training article.


Begin with navigating to Smart Ops by clicking 'Smart Operations NEW!' in either the Operations or Scheduling module. This will load the Home page.

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' or 'Scheduler' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to the Home page upon logging into the system.

In the left navigation pane, click 'Manager Tools' under 'Labor' to open the Manager Tools page.

List Functions

In addition to the list functions explained below, lists can also be filtered to display in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title. The list can then be further filtered after the initial sort by holding down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard and clicking any other column header.

1) Announcements Tab - This tab lists all of the details Announcements sent out to Employees. Announcements can be created from the 'Create +' button (#6). Click here to learn more about Announcements

2) Blackout Days Tab - This tab lists all of the details related to Blackout Days, or days that Employees cannot request off. Blackout Days can be created from the 'Create +' button (#6).  Click here to learn more about Blackout Days

3) Events Tab - This tab lists the details about Events that may affect the restaurant, such as local sporting events, conferences, ect. Events can be created from the 'Create +' button (#6). Click here to learn more about Events

4) Request Cutoffs Tab - This tab lists a Request Cutoff card for every Restaurant Location. Users with the necessary security access can edit these cards to ensure that Employee Requests are submitted within an acceptable time frame. Click here to learn more about Request Cutoffs

5) Search Bar - This will filter the listing for the characters entered

6) + Create - This will enable the User to create one of the following:

7) Table Views - This enables the User to create and edit saved views of this list. Simply click this icon and then either 'Save Current View' to save the new view or 'Edit Table Views' to edit the selected saved view. All saved views are listed above these two action buttons

8) Filter - This allows the User to create a filter for the table. Click the filter icon to open the 'Filter Columns' modal. Once open, click '+ Add Filter' to select the Column and Filter Type and then enter the Value that should be filtered. Select the 'Apply' button to filter the table for the information entered or click the trash can icon to remove a filter

9) Columns - This lists all of the columns available to display in the Manager Tools page. Check or uncheck a column name to include or exclude it, respectively, in the list. Columns can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping the desired column's rearrange iconwhere needed

  • Note: Columns will vary depending on the tab 

10) Excel - This will download the listed information into an Excel file

11) Refresh - This will refresh the listing


Announcements are used to communicate important messages to Employees. When created, Announcements alert Employees via the preferred contact method listed on their Employee form. Click here to learn more about Announcements.

Blackout Days

A Blackout Day restricts Employees from requesting Time Off for a certain day, such as a holiday. Click here to learn more about Blackout Days.


Enter Events in your area that may have an effect on your Restaurant Location, such as a sporting event, conference, or concert, among others. Click here to learn more about Events.

Request Cutoffs

Admin Users have the option to set time and day requirements that Employees will need to follow when submitting Time Off Requests. Admin Users can also select the daily or weekly amount of requests that can be approved before requests are auto-denied. Click here to learn more about Request Cutoffs.