This feature is a part of the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

The Forecasting List provides all forecasting features in one place. Users with an Operational Year set up as 13-4 week periods or 4/4/5 periods will find the Monthly Forecast advantageous in laying the foundation for their Daily Forecast. The Daily Forecast will display the data for the past 12 weeks of the current year and the previous year, which will assist in creating an accurate Sales forecast for each day. Once the Daily Forecast is set, Users can create the Hourly Forecast, which will break down Daily Sales by the hour so that the exact number of Employees can be scheduled to work for each hour of each day.

In order for the most accurate forecast to be made, first ensure that the Labor Matrix is setup correctly for your Organization.

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters.


Users with the following Security Roles will have access to the Forecasting List and edit the configurations for any Location and any of the forecasting options:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manager (Primary)
  • Forecasting Admin (Secondary)

Users with the following Secondary Security Role will only be able to access the Forecasting List and edit the configurations for the Locations assigned to them and for any of the forecasting options:

  • Forecasting Location

Users with the following Security Roles will be able to approve an Hourly Forecast:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Accounting Manger (Primary)
  • Forecasting Approval (Secondary)


To navigate to the Forecasting List, first navigate to either the Operations module or the Scheduling module and click 'Smart Operations NEW!'. This will load the Smart Ops home screen.

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to the Smart Ops home screen upon logging into the system.

When the window opens, navigate to the Forecasting List by clicking 'Forecasting' under 'Sales & Forecasting'.

Forecasting Tabs

The Forecasting Lists page includes three Forecasting tabs to assist in Forecasting Sales and Labor more accurately: