January 20, 2020

Attach documents quicker - You can now attach documents from the Documents to Process (DTP) queue directly from an existing AP invoice, AP credit memo, or DSS journal entry. This means you no longer need to download a document locally, then re upload it. Additionally, once you attach a document in this manner, it will disappear from the DTP queue so you don’t have to worry about taking the extra step to delete it from the queue. Removing the document will put it back in the DTP queue. See supporting documentation




Customize standard reports to fit your needs - You can now further customize formatting and delivery options for the following R365 “My Reports”:

  • GL Account Detail
  • GL Account Detail with Legal Entity
  • Balance Sheet
  • Actual vs Theoretical Analysis
  • AP Aging
  • Menu Item Analysis


These reports have been updated to look professional and have more formatting options such as:

  • Fit to page
  • Page orientation
  • Center on page


Other standard reports will be updated to have a professional look and more formatting options in future releases. See supporting documentation