This is a part of the Item Transfers feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Item Transfer Templates can be created at any time to make routine transfers an easy process for Operators to document. Saved templates are listed on the 'Templates' tab of the Item Transfers page. These templates can be put in use or edited as needed.

Note: This feature is currently only available to Early Adopters.

Create a Transfer Template

Navigate to the Item Transfers page, and on either the 'Transfers' or 'Templates' tab, click the '+ Create' button and select 'Transfer Template'. This will open the New Transfer Template modal.

Transfer Template Modal

Enter in the details for the template, as described below. When completed, ensure to save the template to add it to the Templates listing.

1) Template Name - The name of the Template

2) Transfer From - The Location sending the transfer. The User will be able to select only from the Locations that they have access to 

3) Transfer To - The Location receiving the transfer

4) Search Bar - This allows the User to search the listing for the term entered in this field

5) + Bulk Add - This will open a modal where the User can add items by their Category. This process is explained in more detail in the following section

6) + Add Item - This will open a footer menu where the User can search and add items individually. This process is explained in more detail in the following section

7) Save - This will save the new template and add it to the Transfer Templates listing

8) Full Screen - This will expand the modal to full screen. This can then return back to the original size by clicking the minimize icon

9) Close - This will close out the modal without saving

Add Items

Items can either be added individually or in bulk. Each option corresponds with the 'Add' button listed above the Items listing.

Add Items Individually

Items can be added individually by clicking thebutton above the Items listing, which will be enabled once the template's General Information is entered. In clicking this button, the 'Add New Row' footer menu will appear where items can be added to the template.

1) Item - The name of the purchased Item. At least two characters need to be entered for options to appear in the drop-down listing. Once an item is selected, the other fields will auto-populate with the information set on the corresponding Purchased Item record

2) Unit of Measure - The Purchased Item's Unit of Measure

3) Quantity - The amount of the item that should be transferred. For a template, this is typically left blank until the template is put in use

  • Note: This field can allow a quantity entered with up to two decimals of precision

4) Each Amt - The current cost of the item at the Sending Location 

5) Total - The Quantity (#3) multiplied by Each Amt (#4)

6) Add Another - This box is checked by default and will keep the footer menu open after each item is added when checked. If unchecked, this menu will automatically close when an item has been added to the Items listing

7) Cancel - This will close the footer menu without adding any additional Items. In addition to this button, the 'X Close' button will appear in place of the '+ Add Item' button above the Items grid that will also close out the footer menu when clicked

8) Add Item - This will add the item and its details to the Items listing

Add Items in Bulk

Items can be added in bulk by Item Category by first clicking thebutton above the Items listing.

In the modal, select the desired Item Category name and number and then click the 'Add # Items'. All Items will then be added to the Items listing.

Rearrange Items Listing

Rearranging Items is simple. Simply drag and drop the Purchased Items in the desired order before saving the template.

Edit an Existing Template

Templates can be easily updated at any time by navigating to the 'Templates' tab of the Item Transfers page and clicking into the desired Template. The template will appear in a modal where any parts of the template, including the header information, can be updated. Ensure to save the template when all changes are made.

Deleting an Item

Items within the Items grid can be easily deleted individually or in bulk.

  • Individually - Items can be deleted individually by hovering over an item and clicking the 'X' that appears that the end of the row

  • In Bulk - Items can be deleted in bulk by selecting the desired items and then clicking the 'Delete' button that appears at the bottom of the listing

Deleting a Template

When clicking into an existing template, a Context Menu will appear in the top ribbon that enables the User to 'Use' or 'Delete' the template. To delete the template, click this menu and select 'Delete'. A confirmation message will appear to officially delete the template. Click 'Ok' to delete the template from the Templates listing.