When an Employee is marked as 'Inactive', they no longer have access to the system. It is highly recommended to never delete an Employee Record, but rather to mark them as 'Inactive' so that the Employee Record is saved in R365 while restricting their access to the system.

Employees can be marked as 'Inactive' in bulk from the Employees page or individually on their Employee Record. It is important to note that these actions can easily be reversed if an Employee were to be rehired or return to work.

Important Note: If an Employee has been assigned to any future or unpublished shifts, marking that Employee as 'Inactive' will undo the assignment and the shifts will be updated to 'Unassigned'. 

Smart Ops Employee Page

Follow these steps to mark one or more Employees as 'Inactive' from the Smart Ops Employees page:

  1. Click the checkbox inline with each Employee that will be marked as 'Inactive'

  2. Select 'Make Inactive' from the Bulk Edit Menu at the bottom of the page

Smart Ops Employee Record

Follow these steps to mark a single Employee as 'Inactive' on the Smart Ops Employee Record:

  1. Click on the Employee's name to open the Employee Record sidesheet

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Basic Info' tab

  3. Click the 'Inactive' checkbox within the 'Access' section

Classic Employees Listing

Employees can be marked as 'Inactive' in bulk from the Classic Employees page. Navigate to the Classic Employees page by clicking 'Employees' under 'Labor' in the Operations module or under 'Scheduling' in the Scheduling module. 

Select the desired Employee(s), then click the 'Edit Selected' menu located above the listing. From this menu, the User can either click 'Make Inactive' to take away their Employee access or 'Make Active' to allow the Employee(s) access to R365 again.

Classic Employee Record

Employees can be individually marked as 'Inactive' via their Employee Record. Navigate to the Classic Employees page and double-click the desired Employee name to open their Employee Record.

The Employee Record will open to the 'General' tab where the 'Inactive' checkbox can be checked. Once checked, ensure to save the Employee Record. The Employee will then be unable to log in to either the R365 Red App or your organization's instance on a web browser. 

To reactivate the Employee, simply repeat these steps, but ensure to deselect the 'Inactive' checkbox before saving the Employee Record.