This is a part of the Inventory Counts feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about Inventory Counts.


Ensure to navigate to the Inventory Count list view. To create a new Inventory Count, open the '+ Action' menu and click 'New Inventory Count'.

A 'New Inventory Count' modal will appear where the User will need to select the necessary Location and Template for the count. If the desired Inventory Template is not available, click 'Cancel' and return back to the '+ Action' menu to create a new Inventory Template. Follow the directions in the section above to assist in this creation.

Click 'Start Count' to begin the Inventory Count for the selected Location. The following sidesheet will appear.


1) Location - This will display the Location Name selected in the previous modal

2) Inventory Template - This will display the Inventory Template selected in the previous modal

3) Search Bar - This will enable the User to search for certain items within each Storage Location

4) Storage Locations - The listing of Storage Locations on this template

5) + Add Item Button - This button will enable the User to search for a specific item to add to the Inventory Count.  A prompt will appear asking whether the item should be added to the Template. Clicking 'Yes' will add the item to the template for the current and future counts while 'No' would only include the item in the current count

6) Auto-Save Details - This will display the date and time that this Inventory Count was last auto-saved  

7) Review Button - This button will allow the User to begin the Review process, where the count is reviewed and marked as either 'Completed' or 'Approved'

  • Note: A count does not have to be marked as 'Complete' before it is 'Approved'

8) Print - This will print the Inventory Count details

9) Expand - This will expand the modal to full screen. Once full screen, this icon can be clicked again to minimize the modal back to its original size

10) Close Out - This will close out the modal

Click here to learn how to enter and review an Inventory Count.