When describing your Restaurant Organization on your Careers Page, it is important to point to its unique culture. Job seekers will want to find the best fit when applying for Jobs, so detailing your Restaurant Organization's values and culture can have a drastic impact on finding the perfect Candidate.


Entering your Company Description occurs on the Manage Careers Page, which can be opened by clicking 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module and then navigating to the 'My Organization' tab. The page will open to the Manage Careers Page, as 'Careers Page' is the first option in the left pane.

Scroll down the 'Company or Territory Description' field. This is where your Company description will be entered.

Company Description

This is where you sell your Restaurant Organization to prospective Employees. The best company descriptions are honest, tell an engaging story, and answer questions that the intended audience may have about your Organization. Explain what Candidates would gain from working at your Restaurant Organization and how they would advance their career when joining your team.  

Editing Toolbar

Enhance the look of your Company description by using the Editing Toolbar. Bolding keywords and using bullet points for a listing can make your description easier to read and more engaging for the reader.