Through R365 Hire, your Restaurant Organization is able to submit Jobs and have them posted to Facebook as long as it follows Facebook Jobs' Integrity policy. Upon adding Jobs to Facebook, they will review your Job postings to ensure that they are aligned with their Integrity policy. All Jobs that pass Facebook's review will then be posted on Facebook, and any applications that are submitted through it will then appear on the Applicants page in R365 Hire.

When approved by Facebook, the Job postings can appear in multiple places, including:

  • Jobs News Feed
  • Notifications
  • Groups
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • News Feed
  • Your Business Facebook Page (if matched by your Organization's Facebook Admin)

Step 1: Enter Facebook Link in R365 Hire

Your Restaurant Organization's Facebook Business page link will need to be entered in R365 Hire to begin the process of Facebook's review. Only one Facebook link can be entered for your Restaurant Organization.

Navigate to your Careers Settings by clicking the 'Settings' menu in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module and then navigate to the 'My Organization' tab. 

The Manage Careers Page screen will be the first page that opens on the 'My Organization' tab. On this screen, scroll down to the 'Facebook Page' field and enter your Restaurant Organization's Facebook Business Link (include https:// in the URL). Ensure to save before leaving this screen.

Step 2: Facebook's Review of the Job Postings

After entering all Facebook link(s) in R365 Hire, Facebook will take some time to review your Jobs and ensure that they are aligned with Facebook Jobs' Integrity policy. Once they pass the review, the Jobs will be posted on Facebook. They may not be immediately matched with your Restaurant Organization's Facebook Business page, but you may start receiving applications from Facebook, which will appear in the Applicants listing in R365 Hire.

Step 3: Review Applications and Match Job Postings

Once the Job postings pass review, job seekers can view and apply to these jobs directly on Facebook. As with posting to Job boards, applications submitted for these jobs will be sent to the Applicants Listing in R365 Hire. Applicants will be able to use their job history and other information that is available on their Facebook profile to fill in the job application, allowing for an easier, quicker way for Candidates to apply.

If Facebook is able to match your Job postings to your Facebook page, the Admin of your Facebook page should get a Facebook notification asking to match your page with your Jobs. The Jobs will be associated with your Facebook page if accepted by your Facebook page Admin.

  • Note: It is not necessary to match your jobs to your page to begin receiving Applicants. Click here to learn more information about matching Job postings on Facebook.

Remove Job Postings from Facebook

To remove Job postings from Facebook, simply navigate back to the necessary Settings screen, as described in Step 1 above, remove your Organization's Facebook Business page link, and then click 'Save'. This will disconnect Facebook from R365 Hire and, ultimately, remove the Job postings.

  • Note: If more Jobs need to be posted to Facebook in the future, your Restaurant Organization's Business Facebook page link will need to be re-entered and saved on the Manage Careers Page screen.