AP Transactions that include document issues and are saved in R365 will display a 'Document Issues' tab on the corresponding transaction. These issues can only be manually entered and saved on AP Transactions through Documents to Process. When this tab appears, the Reviewer should view and resolve these issues before approving the transaction.

Transactions that include issues can be easily found on and reviewed from the Issues-Unapproved saved list view.

Issues-Unapproved List

The Issues-Unapproved saved list view displays all Unapproved transactions created through R365 Payments and that have an issue added by the R365 AP Entry Team or a System User. 

To view this listing, open the AP Transactions list by clicking 'AP Transactions' under 'Accounts Payable' in the Accounting module. Then, navigate to the saved grid views selector and select 'Issues-Unapproved'. 

All AP Transactions that have an issue saved on their transaction record will be displayed. These issues can be seen under the designated column, either 'Issue Data Entry' or 'Issue Customer Reported', depending on who noted the issue.

Click here to learn more about Saved Grid Views.

Document Issues Tab

Both an AP Invoice and AP Credit Memo will display a 'Document Issues' tab if they have an error documented on their transaction. While reviewing these errors, additional issues can be documented and old issues can be resolved from the Document Issues grid.

1) New Issue - A new issue can be added while reviewing this transaction. Simply select the document that contains the error, select the issue, and click 'Add' to include it in the listing

2) Document Name - The name of the document

3) Issue - The issue found on the document

4) Added By - The User who added the issue

5) Added On - The date that the issue was added

6) Resolved By - The User who resolved the issue. If it has not been resolved, this field will be blank

7) Resolved On - The date that the issue was resolved. Unresolved issues will show a checkmarkand should be clicked when the issue is resolved. It will then display a back arrowthat can restore the issue when clicked

Resolved issues will appear grayed out in the Document Issues grid. When all issues are resolved, the AP Transaction can be approved. If issues still exist, ensure that the transaction is saved before closing the record.