This feature is a part of Report Packages in the R365 Financial Report Writer. Click here for more information about Report Packages and the R365 Financial Report Writer.

In the Package Editor form, reports and documents can be grouped together as a sub-grouping, or Report Group. These Report Groups are used to properly order reports as a group per Org Unit selected or per the selected Repeat Value when the package is ran. Even though a Report Package may have one or more Report Groups, not all Reports and/or Documents need to be included in a grouping. 

Create a Report Group

One or more Report Groups can be created for each Report Package from the Package Editor. To open the Package Editor form, navigate to the Report Packages listing and click 'Edit' next to the desired package. 

From the Package Editor, select all desired reports/documents in consecutive order and click the 'Group Reports' button. This will create a new Report Group.

  • Note: Multiple Report Groups can be created, but not all reports and/or documents need to be included in a group.

The Report Group will appear just above the selected reports and/or documents. From here, the title can be viewed and manually updated if desired and then should be saved by clicking the 'Save' button listed next to the Report Group name. Once saved, the Report Group can be reordered, renamed, or ungrouped, if needed, as mentioned in the 'Edit a Report Group' section below. 

Ensure to save the changes made via the 'Save' menu in the top ribbon before closing the Report Editor.

Running a Report Group

In navigating back to the Report Packages listing, ensure that each report and Report Group has the desired Report Parameters set. 

When running a package that contains a Report Group, the Report Group is treated like a typical report, meaning that the group can be ran based on Org Structure selections or set to Repeat. Additionally, the GL Detail report can be included within a Report Group by simply clicking the 'Include GL Detail' checkbox for a Report Group.

Typically, if a package has four individual reports that are not grouped together, including the GL Detail, and each report is set to Repeat By Location, then the package will be ordered to show the first report for each Location, the second report for each Location, the third report for each Location, and then the GL Detail for all Locations. 

By grouping these same reports together in a Report Group set the Group to Repeat By Location, all four reports will be ran for the first Location, then all four reports will be ran for the second Location, and so on.

A common package setup might contain those four reports as individual reports that will run as Consolidated Reports and then the same four reports again but grouped together so that the resulting package contains Consolidated versions of the reports followed by the same reports repeating at a more detailed level.

  • Note: A document included in a Report Group will act the same as a report and will run for each unit in the selected parameter.

Edit a Report Group

Report Groups can be edited as needed to reflect reporting needs. Editing functions include:

  • Rearranging Reports/Documents
    • Reports/documents within a Report Group can be rearranged by clicking the rearrange iconnext to the desired line item and dropping where desired

    • Reports/documents can be added or removed from a Report Group by clicking the rearrange iconnext to the desired line item and dropping the report/document either within or outside of the Report Group, respectively, of the Report Group

  • Removing Reports/Documents
    • Reports/documents can be removed by clicking the trash can iconat the end of the desired row

    • At least two reports and/or documents must be included in a Report Group at a time. If one of two reports/documents remains after attempting to remove the other, an error message will appear and the report/document will be returned to its Report Group

  • Editing or Removing a Group
    • Report Groups can be renamed by clicking the Edit iconor removed by clicking the Ungroup iconnext to the desired Report Group