If your R365 Report appears blank, it is often due to one of the following reasons:

  • Incomplete Report Parameters
  • Unassigned Fiscal Year
  • Missing Information

For handling more specific issues, reach out to R365 Support for additional guidance.

Incomplete Report Parameters

Report Parameters that are left blank or without manual selection will always result in a blank report. Therefore, review Report Parameters first when a report is blank to ensure that all fields are manually selected, even if a parameter already states 'All Selected'.

Unassigned Fiscal Year

Reports, such as a Balance Sheet, appear blank when the date the report is ran for is not assigned a Fiscal Year. To resolve this, check that a Fiscal Year exists and that there are no gaps/overlap in between both the separate years and the individual periods.

Missing Information

R365 Reports pull a range of information from User-created records for advanced reporting abilities. Therefore, if a piece of information is missing from a record, reports or columns within a report may appear blank.

For example, many of the Labor-based reports in R365 require that Job records have a GL Account and a Job Type (indicating if the job is BOH/FOH or Salary/Hourly) entered so that reports can be ran and filtered accordingly. 

GL Accounts can be assigned in mass by selecting the desired Jobs and then clicking the 'Edit' button located above the Jobs listing to open a GL Account pop-up selection modal. Similar functions are available in each record listing to aid in a quick update before returning back to and running the desired report.