Users can be added at any point to gain access to R365 Hire. Creating Users can be done easily through System Settings in the Recruiting Module.

Note: Only Admin Users can create new User records. 

Adding New Users


New Users can be added from the listing of all Users, which can be found in System Settings. To navigate to this listing, click 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module. When System Settings load, click 'Users' in the left navigation pane to open the listing of all Users.

Scroll to the bottom of the listing and click the 'Add User' button. This will open a new User record.

First, enter in the Name, Email, and Employment Status of the User and then leave the Password field empty. When the User record is saved, the User will receive an email asking them to set their own password.

When providing User access, select from one of the following options:

  • No Recruiting Access - Users only have the ability to take assessments (mainly for Applicants)
  • Limited Access - Users can only review Applicants (in select Locations)
  • Full Access - Users can post jobs and review Applicants (in select Locations)
  • Admin - Users can edit Account Settings, post Jobs, and review Applicants (in all Locations)

If the User was given Limited or Full Access, the User will now need to be added to Locations, if the are used. Additionally, if Departments are set up for your Organization, select the User's corresponding Department.

Other Settings, including Job and Alert Center Notifications, can be updated individually for the User. When completed, click 'Create User' to add this User to the system.